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So, that happened...

Chris Ganale

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I would like to start off with the disclaimer that I suck at these. Normally when I arrive somewhere new I just lurk and do my own thing, but I've noticed a few threads around here that I want to partake of, and that may be a bit rude without at least an introduction first. Even though I assed that up by posting twice somewhere already...


So, been in game since the end of February, finally broke down and started making RPC pages around October after one of my FC-mates had advertised her (half-broke) page for the entire time I've known her. It's kind of exploded from there.


Most of the time I just sit around outside our FC waiting for my various gathering nodes to spawn while doing stuff paged out of game. Occasionally do progression stuff and raid. Really, now that I've got a bunch of characters and jobs to 50 it's mostly a vehicle to hang out with my buddies in the game. When we're not getting wrecked by Twintania.


So....yeah. Now I'm going to go raid those other threads I've been meaning to.

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