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Classes, Jobs, and the Music that go with them.

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Well here is a game. This happens to me from time to time, I hear a song and think... "oh that's totally "X" from FFXIV." In what I mean, not just a person, or a class/job. Even RP types. I've been on a bender for NSP these last few days as I'm out of town. Two of the songs had me thinking FFXIV bad. So I'll start.


White Mage RPers that RP as actual White Mages, using far flung logic to justify it.



Superhero/A.Dragoon RPers, and their familiar, massive ego.



Highlanders, RPing as kindhearted but tough melee.


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I'm going to try something goofy for this and stick to one specific theme for all of it. You'll probably figure it out by the first or second class.



Duh. Easiest one.




They're pirates in lore, I had to.




Okay, I lied with PLD, this one was the easiest.




Hard Man was another option, but I had to go classic.




Hurrr~ old memes. Joke option was Spring Man.




I was stumped on this one for a bit, couldn't remember if Centaur Arrow was a thing or not. Almost went with Search Man before finding this remix.




Magic Man was going to be my joke option for this one.




A toughie, but Elementals = Nature, so it was this or Wood Man.




Probably the hardest one while trying to avoid separating classes and jobs (which I might do later). Finally threw up hands and said "Well, he always has a buddy, so...!"



And, for added amusement value... while they're not out yet, Dark Knights seem to often be about hurting themselves to increase their damage output. Dark Knight Cecil could in the original Japanese version of FF4 (and the remake), and I believe the same thing occurs in FF3j and FFXI. So, when I think about Megamanz songs that involve hurting yourself, I think of... this:






... I'm such a dork.

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