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[Balmung] Looking for some Fights!

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Hey all! 


Caex'ra Vaeriar here. I often fight in the Grindstone on Saturdays. But right now, I'm looking for some fights throughout the week if possible. I tried to throw up a partyfinder for it yesterday but had little to no luck so was hoping to see if I could find some people here! :) 


I tend to play from 7:00-12:00 P.M EST. Caex right now is very likely to fight on the road leading to Horizon (There's a little perch there that he scouts from. Love it.) I don't plan to put either character's life on the line, but injuries are encouraged! 


Character is an Axe user. :) I would love to hear from anyone that would like to fight! Dice or Freeform welcome; it's challenger's preference!

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