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Christmas Wishes

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Seeing as it Christmas Eve and such, I'd like to dedicate this thread to making wishes of goodwill and happiness towards our common man and/or woman. 


For my wish, I'd like to see that this Christmas at least one ignorant parent decides to become less so and get their kids their Flu vaccines. I am not joking when I tell you I have Swine Flu right now, it bloody sucks, and I'm having a hard time handling it now as an adult let alone a child.


What are your Christmas wishes, RPC?

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I'm gonna be that selfish jackanape here.


I want my partner to arrive safe from Wales in February. So I can hold him. And maybe begin to put together some semblance of a normal existence.


Winters in Central New York don't play, gaiz. And that flight is a long one.


Merry Ho-Ho Day RPC. Hope you're wrapped warm. <3

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For my wish, I wish I didn't have to work tonight because lazy, selfish assholes wanna go out to eat rather than spend time with their family like I wish I was able to tonight.


*shakes fist*

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I wish that some will learn to be more understanding and empathetic of the people around them in the coming year.


And I'm going to be a bit selfish, sorry, and wish that my mum has a Merry Christmas with no pain or trouble.


I hope everyone on here has a Merry Christmas too. :love:

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I wish people would stop selling at me, calling me up, spamming me and just go away. Talk to my answer phone auto dialling bothersome *[CENSORED]* 


Oh, and peace and goodwill... but over there on their own bit.


Oh, and some keys with letters on for my G15 which has worn out the letters.


Oh, and a Shiva Ex clear.. so much fail parties.


And for the new year.. RP piled up to the ceiling!

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1. I wish that my little family (Jen, our pets and I) have a 2015 full of happiness, good health, good luck, lots of fun, magick and of course, lots and lots of love! ♥


2. I wish the same for all of you, that you have an amazing 2015! 


3. I wish that in 2015, people will be even more open-minded, and just kinder in general.


4. I wish that science will make some big (amazing) discoveries in 2015.


5. I wish for more friends! I wish for more RP! Yeah Yeah friends 2015!


6. Finally, I wish that in 2015, I'll be a better wife, take better care of our babies, and just be a better person in general.

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