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Looking for Ishgardians

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My character is of noble Ishgardian descent and I was hoping to meet some others in character for roleplay and possible lore discussions! It'd be great to have more rp companions. x.x It's rather lonely when I have a small circle of friends who jump from game to game and I can't have constant character interactions or development with others in the community.


Doesn't have to be any specific social rank, race, class, or gender. Anyone and everyone. Even if you're NOT Ishgardian, I'd be delighted to meet your character.


Tinaviel Chevalier is my only character at the moment, so friends would be greatly appreciated!

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Maybe ignoring my present mess of a wiki that I need to tend to now that I seem to be back..


My character is considered to be from Ishgard though her family moved there some time ago so they are not so to say native. Would love to get back into the game and right off the bat get in touch with other Ishgardians. ^^


Bit of side information that may or may not be important is that presently the character stays mainly in Limsa but tends to travel about for business. Limsa seems to be a bit out of the way for most thus I keep it rather open to having excuses to meet up in various locations.

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My character's dad was a pretty well known Ishgardian Dragoon until he made a boo boo and had to run away with his wife...and later drove their poor son crazy with the halone teachings that he ended up accidentally setting them on fire!!!!! <----tl;dr, haven't slept in two days version.  You can look at the wiki for my character if you want >.<


Sooooo while my character is Ishgardian he doesn't really go to Coerthas...nor Gridania haha 

We could try to work something out though?  I've mostly RPed his researcher/knowledge obsessed side and have been looking for an opportunity to RP his Ishgardian side a bit~


Not sure what your character would want with the son of exiles who kinda killed said exiles......but if you want to plot something fun let me know xPP

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