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Looking for Connections and plottage!

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Ah! Hello everyone! I'd like to try making some connections for both my characters! So just read below and feel free to reply or contact me within game.


Loe Na -

A younger character, he's around 13 and currently lives on the streets of Uldah. One is very likely to run into him and have him attempt to pick pocket the other. His face is covered in scratches and dirt, and he has a mean look to him with narrow golden eyes and messy hair. However, most soon realize he's actually a very timid and troubled young man. He is also very paranoid and untrusting. Loe has a natural affinity for magic, but no one seems to have even thought of teaching him due to his position.


Ayleth Abbey -

This young man has recently left the shroud after the death of his caretaker, a Hermit named Abigail Abbey. Having spent most of his life deep in the Shroud with minimal contact outside of Abigail, Ayleth is fairly naive to the ways of the world. He's currently offering his services as a tracker and hunter due to his advanced tracking skills. He appears to be very knowledgeable of Conjurer magic, perhaps because Abigail was one as well, but he seems to know a little too much.


Plots I'm looking for:

-Someone to teach Loe magic (Note: It might be difficult to get the boy's trust at first. He's use to people trying to abuse him)

-Someone to show Ayleth the truth of the world. Basically, he currently has a very romantic view of the world -stemming from stories told to him by Abigail. I'd someone to show him the cold cruel reality.

-Anything else! I'm game for anything!

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Aww, Loe. Lyrik is a few years older than him and very gentle in temperament. Raised in the Shroud, she values place and nature and manages to keep this tranquility with her even while standing in the middle of loud, peddling, dangerous Ul'dah. While she travels a good deal learning to manage her ether, I can certainly see her coming across Loe and at the least taking the time to introduce herself.


It seems Ayleth and Lyrik have had a similar start in live. She is less and less naive by the day and certainly not the corrupting sort. Keep her in n mind as a positive factor after he's been traumatized by reality?

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I might have a character that should clash pretty well with Ayleth if you're interested. She was a slave that was bought by pirates when she was very young and used as a bait for them to get into rich people's houses to steal things (yes by selling her off to old perverts), and who got away from it all by murdering the captain in his bed. 

She's a bit socially awkward as well, since pretty much the only way she knows how to act is to be super flirty to get what she wants. 


But once you dispel that facade she's really rough and cold-hearted. She'll tell you her story without blinking and give you all the horrible details until you can't take any more of it :P


If you,re interested hit up my main in game (Xenellia Silverclaw) and maybe we can see if we can find a way to meet up :)

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