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Archerangers Return! A Fundraiser for Orphans


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Mallow frowned and stopped in the main room of the Orphanage. The gardener was at the desk, writing.


Still writing.


She had been there for... Mallow wasn't entirely sure. Several hours, at least; she remembered seeing the gardener there when she was herding her minions to dinner. And still there when Mallow herded the minions back down to the playroom... and when she herded the minions to the baths a couple hours later... and still there when it was bedtime. Mallow glanced at the waterclock -- it was past the midnight hour.


Mallow climbed onto an empty chair so she could see over the desk, and raised an eyebrow at the pile of paper stacked in one corner. "... Lady?"


The gardener didn't look up or speak, but there was a subtle shift in her posture.


"It's... really late." Mallow suggested.


"I am busy." The gardener put down her pen, blew across the paper to dry the ink, and added it to the pile before taking another paper and beginning the process.


"Y'know, I could've totally taken care of this..." Mallow lifted the paper and stared at it. "... I think I totally should've taken care of this. It's so... plain."


The gardener paused this time and looked up. "... There is decoration."


"Using the special stationary isn't really much of a decoration... these are really missing something."


The gardener frowned and took the paper back. "The name of the play is there. The purpose of the event is listed. The location and date are both included. I do not believe I have omitted anything."


Mallow let out a sound that was somewhere between a huff, a sigh, and a little frustrated scream. She was normally a very happy-go-lucky little Mallow, but there were just some things that the gardener did that drove her batty. This was one of them.


"This is the last one needed." The gardener murmured as she went back to the flyer. "I will be done with it in a minute. I require you to place these around in the cities and residential districts in the morning."


Mallow nodded. She had plans for the morning, but even she knew that this was a Very Important Thing for the orphanage -- the construction was incomplete, and while they were able to insulate the building against the cold of the season, it wasn't rainproof and with the spring would come storms. "Okay, okay. Watch the minions for me?"


"I will supervise the children."


Mallow hopped off the table and headed for her cot. It would be a busy morning.




The following posters have appeared all over the three cities and outlaying outposts/hamlets, sometimes in clusters of four or five, sometimes upside down, taped to the back of the heads of people sleeping face-down on tables in the Quicksand and Drowning Wench, nailed to Wood Wailer's spears, and occasionally stuck with magnets to the backsides of unwary armored Roegadyns:






OOC info:


Archerangers Return: The Menace of Metal Mouth is a short stage-show fundraiser to benefit the Althaea's Orphanage. Any and all donations are strictly IC (no actual exchange of gil). It's a little "Shakespeare-in-the-Park"-y, and a little tongue-in-cheek-y. 


Date: Sunday, February 8th at 10pm EST

Location: Mist, Ward 3 in the little park at 9x,y9 (just above the Mist West aetheryte)

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Oh boy, oh boy, good thing Jet'a was busy with Tiergan that night. He would have definitely lost his cool (haha, icemancer pun!) if he saw those flyers...


Will definitely be there (sadly)! Hope to see more people!


EDIT: Adding a few notes. The place requires Mist access. It can be reached by entering Ward 3 and then teleporting to the Mist: West Aetheryte.




The area where the audience can sit is displayed below:



After the play, the Asylum (Plot 3, in front of the stage) will be open to offer a catering. Drinks and food and a good time to talk with the actors and ask for autographs!



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