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Need help with a one time event!

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Good day everyone,


I am in need of a female miqo'te, high enough lvl to reach the forgotten springs, to act as the mother of my character. (There will be no ERP nor anything weird involved, i promise)


The event would last around 2-3 hours I think, and would probably be around 7-8pm EST, on a day that would suit you.

If you are interested, here is what you need to know:



The character you would be impersonating for the evening:


Name: X'Mynko Jat

Age: 47 years old

Race: Female Miqo'te (seeker)


Background: Born in the lynx tribe, she was one of the huntress of the tribe. On one of her hunts when she was 23, she met a male keeper that had run off from his tribe. She got infatuated by him and had a little adventure, which resulted in her getting pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, who she named X'Rhiki and X'Nella. 

Her tribe didn't take kindly to two half-keepers bastards that had not been sired by the Nuhn, especially the boy, who they refused to acknowledge as a tia. After a year of being pressured into getting rid of the boy, and bullied daily, X'Mynko gave in. She managed to get in contact with the father of the twins, and begged him to take the boy away to a safe place. The man came for the boy, who she never saw again.


The rest of the clan barely tolerated the baby girl, and clearly made her feel unwelcome at times, but they never tried to get rid of her until one of the Tia tried to challenge the nuhn. After the tia failed, he left the clan with a couple of females to create a small sub-clan. X'Nella was thrown out with him, she was 12 at the time. 

A couple of years later, the calamity struck and mother and daughter lost all contact.


Other relevant information:

-X'mynko would tell stories of her brother to Nella, often saying how they were so much alike when they were babes that the only way to tell them apart was this special birthmark Rhiki had at the back of his neck.

- X'Mynko would be unaware of any major scaring/marking on both the kids when they meet again






Nella and Rhiki are now named Xenellia and Cira'li, and they have been looking for the lynx tribe. At the moment of the meeting, it will have been around 12 years since Xen has seen her mother, and 23 years since Mynko has seen Cira. 



If you want to help us with this small event, let me know as soon as possible. I'll be happy to answer any additional questions :)


Thank you,


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