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It's raining new people!


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That'd be some forecast, if people literally rained from the sky.


Hi! I'm new and was lucky enough to get a character on Balmung the maintenance before last, but things were pretty busy and I wanted to get to 15, unlock my airship travel, et cetera before I poked at RP. I'm Tex, and I'll give you three guesses where I'm from originally!


I've played FFXIV and RPed before, and I decided to try combining the two! I did up a spin on an old character, and did up an overenthusiastic Ishgardian knight-in-training who went looking for her father after she disappeared named Lera Caldthorne. She tries and fails to be serious.


I'm looking forward to it! It'll be fun!

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Hello and welcome!


Kudos for making it to Balmung. Have fun! and, "may the path in the light of the crystal" be filled with many memories and experiences!


Thanks! It was a stroke of luck. I did it just about 90 seconds before maintenance.

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