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Looking for Enemies.

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My character Xefjord Kiromeda is one that used to be up there in engineering for the government in Garlemald. But he went crazy and stole a large amount of secret information and fled to Eorzea. Branding him a terrorist to the Garlean state. Someone Garlemald would very much want to recapture or at least keep tabs on. So this is a call for any characters to become a enemy towards mine and a spy for Garlemald. Even if your character is not evil. Arguments can be made that my character is ruthless and a danger to everyone in Eorzea as well. As if Xefjord was so willing to flee a comfortable life in Garlemald and commit acts of terrorism, whats to say he wouldn't do it in a land he has no attachment to?


So I am asking anyone interested if they would like to fill the role of a Garlean spy or hired by Garlemald to be a spy. They would offer a very large amount of gil for information on Xefjord and the possibility of recapturing him and bringing him back to Garlemald. But he must not be killed at all costs as they need to find out where and what happened to the information he stole. But without killing, anything necessary can be done to capture/keep tabs on him.


So would anyone be interested in this? There is any level of involvement you want to take from:


Garlean Spy: A resident of Garlemald who traveled to Eorzea to spy on Eorzeans as one mission and to keep tabs and attempt to recapture Xefjord as a necessity. They don't have to do it quickly and could spend as much time as they want trying to blend in with Eorzeans, gain their trust, and use sly and clever manipulation to make them appear as the good guy and Xefjord as the bad. This would probably be the most involved.


Hired Spy: would be the next level down. Trying to achomplish the same tasks as the Garlean spy only being a native of Eorzea who may be being bought with fortune and/or renown. They may not be as focused as the Garlean spy but they would still have a large goal of trying to spy on, antagonize, and possibly capture Xefjord and deliver him to the Garleans.


Hired antagonist: would probably be the lowest level. They would be hired only to keep eyes on Xefjord and try to make his life difficult from the sidelines. They would never have to do anything as grand as try to capture him (Unless they really want to) But they are people who keep their eyes and ears on him when they see him and can go out of their way to cause him some trouble.


We are not restricted to one of these, or even one of each. As many people can be hired by Garlemald to mess with Xefjord as they want. He is a dangerous terrorist in the eyes of Garlemald that needs to be stopped. If you are interested I will see how I can get you set up <3

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