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  1. My character is on an adventure Orieo has a brother and sister but heard they were traveling the world so she wanted to travel as well and hopefully find them to build a family bond. Before leaving home she saved a traveler and was able to have a protector along the way. She just want to be able to turn to someone who is family.
  2. Hello, I’m In Mateus as well transferred over with a few of my friends a few weeks ago. I would be honored if we could be long term rp buddies. My Character name is Orieo Dragon and she is a Au’Ra who comes from The Azim Steppe to figure out what her role in the world is, I was hoping maybe our roles could be protector and Chiefs daughter. I am a PS4 user so my replies will be a bit slow do to typing the words out with a controller and I’ve been rping for about 9 years so I can help anytime if you need it. Discord:Airah_Orieos
  3. Hello everyone, I have been roleplaying ever since I was 14 years old and I want to find people from Famfrit or from other servers I don't really mind. My main character Orieo Dragon and is a disciple of the monk just wanting to adventure in other arms of defense, but Orieo tends to run a head into a fight without weighing out the odds. Orieo is a 20 year old female who loves to go on adventures but has found it lonely at times with her other half away. Bodyguard,mentor, friends, and rivals or even family members are always welcome for she wants to have a memorable moments with people she can talk with and laugh with before she turns 98. Discord:Airah_Orieos#7478 or PM me.
  4. I would like to join as well, I would love to make friends in famfrit that like to RP.
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