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    List of Friendly Contacts: Cato Eligar Sarangerel Chinua Leodaire Mikha Sunthistle List of Neutral Contacts: Fufumfi Fumfi Alva Lynn Aimee Mayuzuma Fu Majime List of Suspicious Individuals: Renuri Fei Dagasi Dhoro-kahkol Mihno'li Dezha Ra'ahxus Xon John Spiegel
  2. Oh, hey, just noticed this. I'm RPing as a soldier loyal to the Garlean Empire, so that kind of restricts where my character can be (mostly in and around Kugane, I think), but I would love to start building up towards a more cooperative story, if you're looking for other people that are interested.
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    Decurion V'ulcan

    I. Basic Info [*]Characters: Decurion V'ulcan [*]Primary character: Decurion V'ulcan [*]Linkshells: Lore and Order, For Glory Garlemald, None others [*]Primary RP linkshell: None [*]Free Company: None (Looking for One) II. RP Style [*]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy [*]Views on RP combat and injuries: Most forms are usually amicable. Up for anything, really. Injuries in a world where healing magic exist is kind of a pointless thing to worry about unless it's specifically for story-purposes. That being said, if someone gives V'ulcan a proper shiner, he'll definitely be feeling it for at least a few days. [*]Views on IC romance: Sure, so long as it doesn't get out of hand. [*]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Of course--not all stories have to be romantic, and many stories tend to be interesting through the ties we form with other characters. [*]Views on lore: So long as we follow the commonly-understood lore of the world of Eorzea, I don't think getting caught up in the itty-bitty details will be that beneficial--again, unless there's a particular plot point people want to explore. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): If it's a tool, use it! III. Other Info [*]Country: USA [*]Timezone: CST (GMT -5 I think) [*]Contact info: darkknightcuron@gmail.com | DarkKnightCuron (on Discord) [hr] Kugane Field Report I (March 3rd) Kugane Field Report II (March 4th) Kugane Field Report III (March 5th) Kugane Field Report IV (March 6th) Kugane Field Report V (March 8th) Kugane Field Report VI (March 9th) Kugane Field Report VII (March 10th) Kugane Field Report VIII (March 11th) Kugane Field Report IX (March 16th) [hr] Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (CST): 5pm - 7pm. Friday (CST): 4pm - 11pm. Saturday (CST): 9am - 11pm. Sunday (CST): 9am - 7pm. Frequent Locations: Kugane: Shiokaze Hostelry, Garlean Consulate -> Decurion V'ulcan is a soldier of the Garlean Empire, sent to serve as part of the Yanxia corps just before the events of 2.X. He participated in squashing the rebellion there during that time frame and was assigned to defending the Doman Castle. During the events of 4.0, V'ulcan was part of the defenses when the Doman Rebels rose up again with allies from the Azim Steppe. When the castle collapsed, V'ulcan was part of a small band that managed to evade capture and reach Kugane, where they were re-assigned to the patrolling and protecting the Consulate there for the time being. -> Decurion V'ulcan often patrols the perimeter around the Consulate as well as most of Kugane at large for suspicious activity, though he patrols the Consulate and the Hostelry in particular while keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and individuals.