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  1. That last one is wonderful!
  2. I download sheet music from MuseScore, print them out, and play it on my real Yamaha MIDI keyboard, connected to the PC via midi cables. Before I got the MIDI figured out, I did write a program (.net) to take in XML formatted music, translate it to the PC keymappings, so it could still be played by actually playing it. But once you can get the MIDI connection figured out, if you can play keyboard/piano you can play "for real". Personally, I don't like seeing/hearing all of these "bard bots". But nice job on the program - Midi XML isn't easy to parse and weed out what isn't needed. Plus there are issues translating into the proper three octave range limitation of FF, and basically only paying attention to the melody line since chords aren't allowed. I wish they'd fix that.
  3. I saw this today and while THIS VIDEO at least mainly focused on harassing behavior, role-playing WAS touched upon. Discuss?
  4. lol I do that a lot with behind the scenes/after dark stories of some of the Scions.. it makes people think of these paragons of virtue in different light and I generally feel I can hear them laughing from the other side of the fourth wall.
  5. Well, first off let me say that I only transfered to Mateus this weekend so I'm still overwhelmed by the scene. I've made so many friends just due do my bard performances (rl musician). That being said, to get back to the discussion at hand: I am a 100% straight male, married 20+ years, and have been playing mmorpgs since Everquest and Asheron's Call. In FF I play female, and my character is interested in both in-game genders. As to the original poster, we are out there. I personally have just never liked playing male characters because going all the way back to the dawn of the genre, male models have been blocky, overly muscly slabs of meat, whereas female models have always received much more detail and diversity from the devs. FF XIV has really created some great male models though. But If I'm going to spend hundreds of hours playing, looking at my char, why not choose something pleasing?
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