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  1. Hello to any who take the time to open this thread and read what I have to say. I know most of my posts in the past have been rather....depressing....but I found that taking some time away from the game and reflecting on things was good in the long run. With that being said I am back on Balmung and I am looking to change some old habits so I no longer feel alone. I am a very shy person who doesn't run up to random people and try to make friends with them right away nor am I the type to spark a conversation in order to befriend others. Sadly I am the person who sits in the corner wondering what it is I am doing that has people avoiding me like I am contagious. I want to change this. As I type this it is taking every ounce of strength I have to press on in hopes my plea will be heard. I wish to find someone I can be social with on a daily basis who says a friendly hello when I log on, actually wants to hang out with me during my time on then says a simple goodnight as we both log. I know this is an awful lot to ask of anyone but I really dislike this feeling of loneliness in this game and as each day goes by I play less and less because I can not work up the simple courage to just talk to people. No, my shyness and overthinking keeps me from simple interaction with anyone. I apologize if this comes off at all creepy or disrespectful in any way but I have no idea what else I can do. It is very difficult for me to talk to random people in an MMO which in turn leaves me playing solo and I hate it. I do not wish to play alone, that is why I ask for companionship. I know I could join an FC or Linkshell but anything I do come across is heavily cliquish and people just forget you even joined. No one understands that saying a simple hello to someone who logs on can make a world of difference. It's a very painful experience and honestly I don't wish to go through it anymore. If you have continued to read this far I thank you and apologize for the wall of text. I just respectfully wish that someone out there actually take notice of my existence and actually converse with me. There is nothing worse than being treated like you are non existent in an MMO, well except if you have a hard time actually talking to anyone like I do. Again apologies if I come off at all creepy, it isn't my intention. Also I fear to check back on this post as people tend to dislike posts like these and I can't handle negativity very well. Feel free to respond as you like, I am honestly just satisfied with anyone knowing I am out there.
  2. Nara'to

    Need Advice On Au Ra Name

    I've never said that because of 'anime'. I only copied what the lore folks provided us, and they used Miku as an example. As for people to think that your came from an anime and they judge you for it? I wouldn't pay any mind to that. Mainly because uh... If they have problems with anime and Japanese things- why are they playing a final fantasy? There's no harm in liking or enjoying anime either. Anyway my point is, as Kaiten said; anyone who says that is ignorant. Japanese names don't come from anime, they come from actual real historical Japan. I wouldn't worry about it. I didn't imply you said it but apologies for coming off like I did. Was just stating I never choose my names based on anime was all. There are many people who will always view certain names as something from an anime and it royal upsets me when I can't find roleplay due to this as well. Balmung is starting to feel like it is filled with many angry individuals who shun new roleplayers like me. In the end though I still went with Toshihiro. I like the name and it fits my character perfectly. Just wish my situation on finding an FC. friends and RP partners would improve. I feel like I am leper on this server and people are trying their hardest to avoid me.
  3. Nara'to

    Been gone a while

    As someone who just returned after a break myself it's definitely worth coming back. However the problem of finding RP amongst a sea of cliques is still harder than ever ._. People make it seem easy but it is far from easy. Even when you practically emote you're seeking other individuals when amongst so many people who look like they're wanting someone to roleplay with it is still hard. Maybe one day this will change...
  4. Nara'to

    Need Advice On Au Ra Name

    Thank you for all the replies. As far as choosing a Raen name I just dislike mongolian naming is all. I didn't choose to go with Raen naming due to "anime". Like I stated I actually did my research before even thinking of a name and the one I chose in my OP is one from the 16-18 century era. I didn't choose it due to any anime, I am not like that. Anywho thanks for the replies. Already created the guy. Used the random name generator in game to get a last name so went with the name I wanted for the first name and one the game gave for last name. Now here's to hoping people aren't that closed minded enough on Balmung to think my name came from some anime -.- Really hate putting time and effort into my names just to be labeled some anime addict when I'm not >.>
  5. Nara'to

    Need Advice On Au Ra Name

    So after coming back from a break lasting a few months I picked up the expansion and upon running around in game started falling in love with the Au ra and everything about them. After forking over $30 (Collectors Edition upgrade with a Fantasia potion + Name Change) I decided to finally go with a male character, an Au ra. After doing extensive research on their naming and scratching my head alot I finally came up with a name I hope works. That is where you all come in. I need advice on the name. After looking up 16th and 18th century Japanese names I came across one that struck me right off the bat that would fit my guy perfect. What do you all think about the name Toshihiro? It seems to fit within naming conventions for a Raen character. Though I technically went with Xaela I really dislike their naming convention so decided to give him a backstory about being raised with a Raen family (still a work in progress) so it could work. I think the first name fits great, though I am still having issues with a surname and honestly....it's difficult. If anyone can give me some pointers that would be great. I've scoured the wiki's and google and every posting is pretty much the same info but it still doesn't help me.
  6. Nara'to

    My Observations

    I want to start this thread off by saying this is basically just a means for me to both vent a little and try to give some incite on what it is like to be a new role-player. Most won't want to hear this but I'm just going to give my two cents and go from there. I've been on this lovely server since February. I've dabbled into many of the jobs and the many different ways to play this game. Of them all though role-play is the one reason I chose to play on Balmung and I enjoy watching others role-play. I started to role-play in World of Warcraft and it introduced me into a world I felt I could enjoy. Sadly though ever since coming to this server it is nothing like I thought it would be. I've been given advice, I've tried many different methods and when I rarely do try to roleplay myself I try my hardest to find interests. Not one thing has worked for me. And this is just my experience, they may not reflect others. I feel like I am invisible here. I try giving others the benefit of the doubt and I have yet to give up trying to find random roleplay. I do not enjoy doing prearranged roleplay, I truly enjoy random RP. And honestly I feel that is why I can't find any. I feel like if I don't arrange to roleplay with people I will continue to be ignored by the masses and it honestly makes me feel depressed. This server is starting to feel extremely cliquish, there are too many circles who just will not let anyone new in and again this depresses me. I honestly feel a lot of new role-players get this treatment as well unless they get extremely lucky. I sometimes find myself sitting here trying to find role-play for hours and being ignored honestly makes me break down into tears to the point I just log off and try to cheer up. This server honestly makes me feel like I am invisible and it hurts. I know no one does this on purpose and by no means is anyone required to role-play with anyone they don't choose to. All I am saying is if you continue to ignore people outside of your circles/clicks/RP FC's then you will lose out on a lot of potential role-players that can bring something good to the server. Don't judge me harshly for doing this, I just wanted to vent and feel that this is the only way I can bring this to the attention of others in hopes that no one else has to go through what I do. It hurts when you're ignored and when a character you pour your heart and soul into continues to be ignored on a daily basis. I am sorry I chose to go Miqo'te and it honestly feels like everyone hates them with the way they go on about how they dislike them. That is all I wanted to say. I am a very shy person and it takes ALOT for me to interact with people in this game. Getting ignored just makes it harder for me. I apologize should this offend anyone and I hope eyes can finally be opened to what is really going on here. I will just not bother anyone and stick to myself. I won't return to this thread or even this site for some time due to the amount of hatred I will probably (and deserve) receive. Say what you will.
  7. Nara'to

    Balmung is open!

    I've been up from midnight CST until 8:30 am CST waiting for the server to open this morning, never did. I usually go to bed earlier than that but I really want my Roe on Balmung. I've settled for Gilgamesh for the time being. I still haven't given up making a Roe on Balmung though, just have to cross my fingers and pray the server is open one of these mornings ._.
  8. Nara'to

    Roegadyn Naming, Need Advice

    Try using the random generator for your name only for people to think you made a Naruto/Mewtwo knockoff Q_Q It's not my fault, the generator had it Dx Though Nara'to was my own idea. Just took Nara, after Naralis from my other MMO character names, added 'to due to being the second son and slap a randomly generated last name from the name generator. Though I still love my character names. Since I can't get on Balmung ever with a new character (stupid closed server for new character restrictions >.>) I decided to make her on Gilgamesh. I just hope the RP community there is just as lively as Balmung. Thanks again for all the advice, I do appreciate it everyone.
  9. Nara'to

    Roegadyn Naming, Need Advice

    That really eases my mind then. After the hassle I've gone through with Nara's name here I wanted my second character to have a better name and I really like it. I can always do some reading and figure out how she could have obtained from an IC standpoint. Thank you for the advice.
  10. Nara'to

    Roegadyn Naming, Need Advice

    So lately I've finally come around to the idea of playing a female Roe. After FINALLY finding facial features I think looked magnificent, plus I really like how Roe are in general, I've been stuck thinking of a name. After looking through various sites I found how they go about naming but this is where it gets tricky. Would it be too uncommon for a female Hellsguard to have like a regular name? The name I was thinking of is one I came up with and honestly think it could work but wanted opinions before going through with it. The name is Avarosia Cervantes. Let me know your thoughts, I'd love to know if the name I want to use would be okay.
  11. Nara'to

    Balmung is open!

    So does the server only open up rarely? I've been up all morning still waiting to go to bed just so I can make a character yet it still hasn't opened up. At this rate my Roe will never become a reality. May just have to play on another server. It's a shame too, I really like it here but not being able to make a new character really puts me off wanting to play.
  12. Nara'to

    Roleplay Hubs!

    Sadly the Quicksand is the only place anywhere on this server I've seen any sort of roleplay. I tend to sit awhile and just watch all of the conversations. I myself am too shy to just walk up to anyone, which I desperately need to change. What I think needs to be done is to show those who are shy/afraid that there is no harm in walking up. Events are ok but 90% of the time you're alone anyway and people are focused on their own thing so you're excluded no matter what. It's depressing really. Even trying to interact most of the time ends up with your character not being noticed. I'm just rambling, please don't mind me. Going back to my corner now.
  13. Nara'to

    Get that Clear!

    I finally hit level 50 on my first class and finished the pre patches story questline. I proceeded to continue on after you get the Magitek Armor mount and I've noticed pretty much every quest requires me to use Duty Finder to do them. Sadly I can not for the life of me find anyone to do these with and waiting hours just for a queue to pop isn't something I want. I'd ask my FC but they are always busy and I really hate asking for help to begin with. Kinda leaves me screwed when you think about it. I've basically just started to level other classes. I may just be going about it the wrong way though. Being shy really sucks sometimes.
  14. Nara'to

    balmung Seeking FC

    I'm glad you reminded me. I wrote your website down on a sticky note and forgot where I had put it. Found it and giving the site a thorough checking out. Thank you.
  15. Nara'to

    balmung Seeking FC

    Just posting to say that I am still looking. A few people have tried to get in touch while I was away but none of them ever replied back so putting myself out there once again. This is alot harder than I thought it'd be >.<