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  1. Just do whatever you want. It's your RP, enjoy it however you will as long as you aren't going out of your way to offend or bother others.
  2. That's okay SE, I totally wanted to drop my class' formerly mobile playstyle so I can be a discount blm. 7Jm_eUQSYAk
  3. OOC arguments in say. Take it to whispers and stop flooding everyone else's chatbox.
  4. nuHfVn_cfHU Do what you want. It's your subscription, your RP. As long as you enjoy what you are doing and you aren't being disruptive to others, DO IT.
  5. Imagine Kung Jin from MKX. That's pretty much Javvy.
  6. - Javert won't go out of his way to kill, however if he kills then he'll make it as quick and efficient as he can manage. - Javert's first kill left him feeling initiated; excited at his own success. - Today Javert feels no regret, nor passion or self-satisfaction regarding killing.
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