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  1. Hi Aurelia. My friends and I are actively looking to expand our rp friend pool, and while we are based on Balmung, we have no problem engaging with cross world rp. If you are interested and would like to learn more about our (very small group) of friends, please get in touch with me via discord at RyuDraconis#4007 (as contacting in game is very difficult up front esp cross realm based). I do hope to hear back from you! Many regards!
  2. Hi Tali, been in a similar situation and I agree that 14 is hard to stay away from! If you are okay with it, would love to touch base with you regarding setting up some rp in the future, as myself and my small cadre of friends are in similar boats of trying to restablish friendships and rp connections. You can reach me at RyuDraconis#4007 on discord, or Kianna Vantes in game. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you in game!
  3. Your very welcome, if you have toruble getting in touch with me in game my discord is RyuDraconis#4007
  4. Hi, I saw this and thought to get in touch! Our group is a small group of friends who are coming back to RP after a time away, and are in the same baot as you! Small FC who isnt as active and looking to meet more people. If your ever online and would like to get in touch just DM me when you like, or send a friend request and we can talk! Hope to hear from you! In game name : Kianna Vantes
  5. Hello there! We are a small collective of friends who were RP regulars on the Balmung server and after having taken a break, we have just now started to return to the game, we would like to get back into RP and expand our friend circle, as most of the previous RP folks we knew no longer play. Our group is a fun, friendly, and experienced set of role players, who have rped not only in Final fantasy 14, but other MMos, as well as tabletops. That being said, we welcome all regardless of experience one has a roleplayer. All we ask is you enjoy RP for rps sake, and are active, and won;t vanis
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