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  1. While the title sums it up rather well I think, it would probably help to go into a little more detail. Have an IC summary first: Which leads nicely on to the OOC situation. After an extended period of (relative) IC inactivity, I've been gradually getting back into the swing of things again, and have been, on and off, over the past few months, keeping an eye out for someone who might be able to take Tali under their axe*-swinging wing. No joy. Some kind folk have offered up alts to lend an occasional hand if nothing else cropped up, but I've bene loathe to do this due to a desire to introduce/interject Tali into more situations than might normally crop up by staying with my comfort zone of the FC. And fail to crop up any opportunity did. Which aided in the slip into RP inactivity. And so the tale of Tali, potential extWARdinaire nearly came to an end. (And then I remembered again that the RPC is a thing. I should, I admit, have posted this here sooner, given how regularly I used to update FC threads here, but... actually, I got nothin'. My bad.) But FFXIV is a beautiful thing, and I can't quit it no matter how long passes, and so this call is going out. I'm a UK-based RPer active primarily on weekday evenings and weekends, and I need YOU**. In return, I can offer some average-quality RP from someone who used to be very active and wants to be so again, some truly awful puns, dad-worthy jokes, and hopefully a character that grows on you ICly and could someday be considered a friend. (Mostly puns though. I make no apologies.) Happy to discuss hooks or means of making contact. As it stands, she's been making enquiries about Limsa every so often. * It doesn't have to be an axe they swing. ** So long as you RP a Warrior. Or know someone who does and would be willing to aid in the social side of things and make an introduction. To be honest, even if you don't meet either of those requirements, say hi anyway! Always good to meet new people.
  2. Tali

    Jackal & Hide [EU]

    An update to the previous news (That wasn't posted on the RPC) of ‘narah and myself stepping back from the game, and leaving the FC in the hands of the officers. The FC is now closed. We’ve discussed it, and the conclusion is that this is best for the memory of the FC. Applications have been shuttered, the existing applications denied, and OOCly the FC has been put into stasis. ICly, Inarah and Kilid both fully retired, and retired the company, letting the employees go aside from a skeleton crew (of NPCs) to keep the house in shape. The house remains open and a home for those who worked for the Jackals and continue to need a roof over their head, and is open for RP and events, but nothing official will be happening going on. The Sunny Seaside Bar is also being shuttered because of this, freeing up that fortnightly time slot for anyone who wants to run something without clashing with an existing event! Down the line… 'narah and I have decided we’ll only really return if Viera are introduced as a playable race down the line. Until that gloriously tall-eared day… it’s been a blast, folks. To those who were Jackals, I salute you. To those who associated with us, I commend your tolerance for hijinks. To both groups, and everyone we RP’d with in passing, I thank you for some frankly amazing memories. We’ll cherish them going forward in that warm, hazy glow of nostalgia. (And screenshots, of which I have over 25k taking up over 105GB. Plenty of those.) Till Sea Swallows All (And may you walk in the light of the Crystal) Inarah and Kilid, out.
  3. Tali

    Jackal & Hide [EU]

    [align=center]Oh, hello? Is it my time to write one of these again? My, but time flies, doesn't it?[/align] [align=center](Note before I get started: Under threat of having a cat dropped on me by Inarah, I'm to keep this one brief so it fits on our Enjin page without major tweaks on her part, so you all lucked out!)[/align] So, what's been going on in Jackal-land? Plenty! We'll start off with our somewhat risky strike at a privately funded group hailing from Doma who, for reasons still unbeknownst to us, appeared to have taken issue with the life-status of our resident priest, Sini'to, and wanted to flip his switch from 'on' to 'off'. That went better for us than it did the Domans, who really aren't having a great few years as a nation, what can you do? [align=center][/align] Next up in the noteworthies would, as ever, be the Sunny Seaside Bar. It wouldn't be right to have a month go by without the bar, and so shades were once more donned, metaphorical doors swung open, and the unwashed masses welcomed with open arms at a safe and acceptable distance! [align=center][/align] Lessee... next up came Kaya's job in Thanalan, undertaken on behalf of, and at the best of, the Ul'dah Miner's Guild. Some innocent Drakes made some poor life choices that led to them deciding to make a den around a mythril deposit that the miners really, really wanted. Bad. Bad enough to part with some coin to hire an unscrupulous band of bad tempered blades to swoop in and sort it out. So, after one of the local U' tribe pointed them in the right direction (And held their hand on the way to the spot), the Jackals earned their pay, in the form of a cache of ores and coin. [align=center][/align] This was followed by Tei's Teirrific Time performance night that I had nothing whatsoever to do with naming, I swear. Lots of performers, lots of entertainment, and hopefully, lots of fun had that eve! [align=center][/align] We celebrated two years of existing the only way we know how, drink and swimwear... [align=center][/align] And finally, we rounded out the month with the (likely) penultimate event in Inarah's current alt-storyline! No screenshots of this yet, but a three-way bust-up occurred between the Jackals, Ishgard's finest, and Ishgard's worst. There's more to come next month folks, please look forward to it! [align=center]Love,[/align] [align=center]Kilid[/align]
  4. Hey Ramen o/ If you need any ideas for the OOC dodgeball rules, then J&H have been doing public tournaments on and off at the Sunny Seaside Bar for the past year and a half, and internally for nigh on two years now~ I can verify that they work ruddy well. Take a peek at the post here if you're so inclined: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=10052&pid=195223#pid195223 Past runs have been great fun http://imgur.com/a/mk6NM http://imgur.com/a/eJUw0
  5. So~ With the servers playing up again, what better time to give the Matron's Reach a little bump, and remind people of how fantastic it can be for healer RP! Also, for the convenience of having fully stocked IC clinics in each of the major city states.
  6. Just want to say a huge thank you to Maril for hosting and healing our horde after we invaded her clinic in Thanalan last night and bled all over the place! Having access to an actual healer network, and clinics in three of the city states is really flipping useful, I must say I'd wholly recommend anyone who plays a healer and wants easier access to healer RP (Or people who go out and get beat up a lot as part of their job) get in on this~ Some pics from the cleaup last night!
  7. Tali

    Jackal & Hide [EU]

    [align=center]Goo~~~d evening good evening good evening good evening GOOD. EVENING! 0rELYuM7QlU (Again!)[/align] It's been a while since I wrote one of these, hasn't it? As such, first on the list of things to do is to give a huge thank you to all who have taken up the burden of report writing in my administrative absence! Thank you. Your sacrifice is appreciated <3 Now... "what's been going on?" I hear a voice in the crowd call! Hoo boy, I'm glad you asked! (Although you're no doubt going to regret that, afore I'm done typing War and Peace.) First off we've had a load of internal events popping up from all over! Members, officers, Inarah, and even one from yours truly looming on the horizon (Two days from when I'm typing this, in fact! Eep.) Of those events... Let's start with the first event of the month! (Two events, actually. A busy month for our Velhi/Ryder!) Alas! I wasn't present for the event (Got to keep the numbers down, else things just get crazy to manage) As such, I shall hand you over to the man himself for a summary of just what happened during his two 'Crimson Seas' events: Poetry! We also had the beginning of Inarah's series of events, funnily enough going by the title of 'A Series of Unforunate Events', whereupon the Jackals set off for the Shroud to investigate a simple haunting that... in the typical way of things, soon exploded into a voidsent hunt across three floors, a hidden basement (So four floors?) and no doubt left some of the more impressionable, younger Jackals in the unenviable position of having nightmares for the coming Moons! I was present for this one, so have some screenshots!
  8. A huge thanks once again to everyone who came to the Sunny Seaside Bar tonight! We had a great time with some lovely performances from Raeje and Savo. See you all again next month!
  9. [align=center]A Small Announcement in the Harbor Herald [/align] [align=center][/align] Translation: J’Inarah Marad & J‘Kilid Tia We add our wishes of joy and delight to their own at the news of the birth of their daughter, J’dimah Kilid on the 20th Sun, Third Umbral Moon, weighing 7 ponze 2 onz. Congratulations to the pair of you! The very same Sun, Kilid can be found engaging in very animated, very one-way conversation with a passing Maelstrom guard, and a post Moogle, both of whom appear to be on the verge of slipping into a very deep sleep; the Maelstrom Miqo’s head drooping and snapping up, eyes glazed, and the Moogle’s entire fluffy form occasionally veering off to one side before coming to with a startled ‘Kupo!’ “So, aye, as ah were sayin’, she’s got both our eyes, can ye believe that? Ah couldn’t! Ah really couldn’t’ah wished f’ anythin’ more fittin’! ‘course, she’s already got ‘er mother’s good looks!” And, in a hushed subtone, raising a hand theatrically to cover his mouth he adds, with a wink “’though ‘avin’ a few’ve mine ain’t gonna ‘old ‘er back any, eh?“ Oblivious to the plight of his audience, the muscled Miqo lowers his hand and continues on, waving, pointing, and gesturing with more energy than is altogether healthy for any one man! “Left eye, that’s ‘narah’s. S’ a gold brighter’n Azeyma’s sun, ah’d swear! The right’s the kind’ve pure, perfect blue ye could only find in someone like yours truly ‘ere ‘til Dimah were born! She’s got me own ‘air colour, ah think. Looks it at the moment, anyways! But she’s deffo got ‘er mothers skin, the lucky lass. Oh aye, she’s the prettiest damn thing ye’ve ever seen, ah promise ye! Or, well, ye ain’t seen ‘er, but ye wishes ye could, ah know. Ah wish ye could see ‘er an’ all, but she an’ ‘narah are nappin’ right now.” Glancing back towards the house, the shirtless Seeker sighs wistfully, a beaming grin dominating his features. Sadly for the captives, Kilid’s attention is back on the pair of them before either realise that his attention had ever wandered, giving them only the briefest glimpse of tantilising freedom. “Ah gotta say, the circumstances weren’t what ah’d’ve called ideal. Ah mean... we ‘ad Velhi ‘url up in the silverware crate right afore ‘narah’s eyes, the silly sod. She ain’t never gonna forgive ‘im f’ that, but she were already overdue, an’ ah think the shock, an’ that ol’ Inarah rage were enough t’ let Dimah know it were ‘er time. ‘narah went int’ labor on the spot near enough, an’ a few Bells later, she’s a mummy an’ ah’m a daddy!" Chest swelling, Kilid’s attention wandered once more, this time to follow the gaze of both the Maelstrom soldier and the Moogle over his shoulder. Turning his back on the pair, the Seekers smile blooms brighter, blossoming into the expression of a man who first found peace, then found something unquestionably more precious. Setting off at a hurried pace away from the already forgotten pair without further word, Kilid meets Inarah, and the tiny, wrapped bundle of blanket that hid Dimah half-way across the sun-kissed garden path, embracing the ladies (And lights) of his life in tanned, toned arms. Sensing their moment has come, the private and the post Moogle cast the briefest of glances at one another, share a nod, and flee in opposite directions.
  10. Which region~? Europe here, although I've kinda put the game aside until they stop toying around with lesser navies and add in the Royal Navy >_> The (eventual) introduction of the H.M.S. Campbeltown is a step in the right direction. *Paddles about in the shallows with the Warspite*
  11. Dis. Was. Awesome fun Stellar performances all round once more~ Thanks for hosting it! And thanks to everyone that kept us all entertained :3
  12. Headphones turned up to 11 are recommended for this. 9d8SzG4FPyM
  13. u9Dg-g7t2l4 This, mostly. Wasn't expecting it like it as much as I did~
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