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  1. I just transferred in and is def looking for a way to connect with other who rp as well. My character name is Iona Falconsoul. Highlander who is quite friendly
  2. Hello, I was recommended this LS by another player, and I was wondering if you still have room in your LS for more players?
  3. Iona

    Order of Ouroboros

    We're still currently open for recruitment. And we could always use an extra healer, especially if they're a lovely Highlander! ^o~ / To apply to the linkshell, follow this link here to fill out the application form and once submitted, you'll hear back from us within a day or two to hopefully set up an IC interview/introduction. Thanks for the interest! Ohh sweet! I have already put in an application =D
  4. Iona

    Order of Ouroboros

    I am super interested in joining your LS, as I am currently in a guild, and we are trying to rebuild it as best we can, but I still have plenty of time for rp, so I was wondering if you still take in new members? I currently only play one one character, Iona Falconsoul, a Highlander healerish gal, who finds such things interesting
  5. Iona


    Sounds great, I am not sure I will be online today matching your time though, but really looking forward to the invite
  6. Do you still take in new people? I would be very interested in this LS
  7. Iona


    Is there still life? I do currently live in the US but is from Scandinavia, and I often play during US daytime, which mostly means EU nighttime I only play on one character currently Iona Falconsoul
  8. I am soo happy people didn't let this die out. And I gain I will have to apologize about the silence. School took a decent amount of my spare time lately. If there is an LC up and running now, I would like to join on Iona Falconsoul, and would be looking forward to see what you have done with the idea
  9. Yeah, sounds good to me! I'll be around later, if I forget just poke me. An IC LS for resistance stuff would be cool, but even an OOC one would be beneficial, I think. I don't know if my character is even in a position where she'd want to be involved in the Resistance anymore, but I looooove having people she would recognize from those days show up. Tormenting my characters, for great justice. Sorry for turning quiet, but rl got busy. I'm still interested in the LS, so I will poke people once again.
  10. Thank you, I will def. have to take a look at these people as well. Posted by Diskwrite - Today 03:12 PMHonestly, I'd really love an LS for this- it'd make it a lot easier to meet other folks who's characters were/are part of the resistance. Plot out shared backstories. That sort of thing. - I completely agree with you. and feel free to throw me a tell in the game if you want to talk more about this. My name is Iona Falconsoul. Actually that applies for anyone interested in this really. Maybe we can create something.
  11. Hopefully I can answer you all in once. Iona's dad was a former monk, I made him so as I kept picking up there was survivors, and through out her childhood he's trained her, she may not know that most of her training is related to that, but she does know bit's of pieces of information and history. Her dad went to fight the Empire, but never came home alive, so she's more or less aimlessly been trying to make life work on her own. She know he talked about some sort of resistance - I will keep it at that - and she is curious about that area. I am lvl 57 pug/monk, so dont think there is any spoilers left, and if so I honestly do not care. because I really just want my character to be "complete" so I can rp her better. So basically she is a fist fighter, who cares little about fighting, unless she really have to. She got some skills with a bow, but mostly for hunting, and she does not see the honor in fighting with a bow, or a gun for that matter. I really wish there was an LS for it, but I know I'm not lore skilled enough, nor do I know that many people to actually start something like this... yet And thank you all for throwing your voice in this =)
  12. Hey I was just reading a post about the Ala Mhigo lore and I was wondering if anyone started a FC or LS that works as a Ala Mhigo resistance or something like that? since we have a huge amount of "monks" running around, although I do not know if that rp wise is what they rp as.... It is something I want to do/work on with my character, Iona Falconsoul but I am not lore strong, so I don't think I am the right one to work on something like that.
  13. Hey is this still a thing? If it is, I would like an invite on Iona Falconsoul
  14. This sounds really interesting, I would like an invite, My name is Iona Falconsoull. I am somewhat new to FFxiv lore and game, but I am a fast learner and not afraid to ask questions, even the stupid ones. I have been rp'ing for 17 years, and have a few mmo experiences. Games I have played was SWG, EQ2, TSW, SWToR, GW2 and ESO.
  15. Iona

    *waves* hello

    Haha that is just as good as cookies!!! And thank you
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