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Is anyone else having difficulty RPing their Au Ra?


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I don't personally rp an Au-Ra but a lot of my friends do. Honestly, the bulk of them treat the dark scaled ones like miqo'te - as in tribal and somewhat feral. Considering that there is lore stating that a clan of dark scaled Au-Ra were killed by some Ishgardian knights you could easily say your character is seeking revenge. Or maybe they want to team up with the Little Ala Mhigans to help take down Garlamald and learn the ways of the monk.


There's a lot of places you could go with it but it's all for not if you don't have the right people to rp with. Look around, try to meet some new faces and see if that doesn't help spice up your rp life.


If you're worried its because you're playing a girl character (which I totally get. I'm a female player who loves her boy characters) then think about what would change if you made her male. If those changes are positive maybe you should make a male Au-Ra.

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This sounds terrible and its a huge generalization so I'm 100% sure its untrue of everyone, so take this with a grain of salt. 


I have not yet found an Au Ra I was overly impressed with or even excited to RP with. I found the race underwhelming when they were announced and while they have two clans or whatever, their history is pretty generic and bland. They feel like hyper sexualized Qunari, and the Qunari had Ironbull, they didn't need to be any more sexy. 


I've tried, we have a guy in our FC who is a great RPer,  but his Au Ra is also a Ninja so its actually painful to RP with him sometimes because he's already in his own head most of the time and when he's not he's talking about boring Au Ra clan shit. I think the problem with bringing Au Ra into the fold the way they did is they just kind of appeared after years of not being there. I mean the Greatswords and Dark Knights are a little weird that they're just now showing up but there's a lore reason for that. Mechanists might be new but there was a precedent for guns already, same with Astrologians. The sudden influx of Au Ra coming from their respective clans however was a little unprecidented. It would be like if you woke up tomorrow and a third of your town was now immigrants who'd immigrated over night and they all came from like 2 families. Its a little strange on how to take that, and I'm sure its hard for some Au Ra RPers to justify why exactly they and every other member of their people decided for the first time ever, "You know I hear its nice in the South, maybe we should migrate." I would say Winter is Coming is an excuse but its been there for awhile, realistically it doesn't make much sense.

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MY Au Ra is on a path to discover his roots while also getting over the face he is one (he was fericly glamoured as a kid and only 2-3 years ago found out he was one when it was dispelled) so i got alittle freedom in discovering what it means to be a Kha clan memeber

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