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  1. If Thrall was in Smash Bros, I would actually consider playing Smash Bros.
  2. And here I was lamenting how Garuda was the only duty that was challenging enough to be any fun... *goes back to playing Dark Souls*
  3. I met my girlfriend through RP too. There is no right or wrong answer for this. In my opinion, the RP is miles better if there is a strong OOC rapport between the players involved, so you can crush on your RP partner, sure. What's important is to keep your expectations in check. Enjoy it for for what it is, but don't plan on it going any further than that. RP plays from the heart, it's emotional, and emotions are like a drug. You can get high when it's good, you can become dependent when you get used to it, and you can go through withdrawals when you're deprived of it. Letting an I
  4. I RP Kaiz as a kind of offshoot of his main class. He's a Warrior, but I RP Kaiz as a 'Monster Hunter', which is more a marauder with some rangery quirks instead of the berserking.
  5. All of these examples are, frankly, pretty absurd. If someone was that desperate to be a nuisance or spontaneously ruin their own character, healing wouldn't make a difference. They can just insist that the healing wasn't effective, or that they succumb to their injuries before they can be healed. The more I hear the reasoning behind this, the more silly it sounds. If someone arbitrarily decides they want to suddenly kill off their character suddenly, they can kill themselves off on the deathblow long before the healer gets to them. And a logical issue? So a one-armed person winning
  6. Basically what Franz said. It was a rule since before I took over, but I like it if only because it also cuts down on the "you beat me but you didn't REALLY beat me" bullshit that gets thrown around regardless. Too many people want to safe face by not losing even when they lose, and healing between rounds just removes one more convenient excuse to get your ass kicked. It can really diminish the winner's fun by being told "Yeah, well this doesn't count anyway because X Y Z!" Because character death is a thing. And if someone goes to the Grindstone hoping to have their charact
  7. I'm not sure why Grindstone insists on healing, personally. If someone wants to trudge through the event bruised and bloodied, what difference does it make? In general, instantaneous healing pretty much removes any real danger from most situations, and that's a bit inconsistent with how the setting is presented, where NPCs do indeed fear for their safety. So magic "poof, you're all better!" healing is probably very rare. In the Conjurer questlines, healing comes up many times, but it's never as simple as wiggling your fingers and suddenly someone's okay. It's usually trying, risky, and no
  8. I can understand the feeling. Most of the time when I attend events like Grindstone/Runestone, etc, a half dozen of us from the same FC/LS all go together and meet up with friends there who we've met up with before, so we might already have some 6-8 other RPers to pay attention to at the time. I know I've missed some outside messages directed at me, and had to go back and find them and reply to them. This isn't because I don't want to RP with anyone outside my circle, however, I just missed it. Part of the problem with FF14 and no chat bubbles is that, especially in an event, you can be s
  9. Vampirism as a theme can be fabricated in many ways. One does not literally need to drink blood to be a 'vampire' as far as narrative elements and style goes. A vampire is ultimately a predator who preys on his or her own kind, so any idea you can formulate within the lore for needing to prey on others can feed into a vampire style of character. You could consume their energy, or aether, or souls, or minds, or whatever. Traditional vampires do not exist, but unless you're super-attached to that very specific element, there are work-arounds. In particular, I don't think the voidsent
  10. I'm the supervisor cook at a university cafe. In my spare time that I'm not playing games, I'm making them!
  11. I tend to not care if someone says in their profile that their character is beautiful. I decide who is and isn't beautiful, and will act accordingly.
  12. Fun idea, but alas, I know little about Ishgard and Kaiz hates the cold, and so hangs out there as little as possible. I'll keep an eye out for you in game and maybe we can have a chance encounter while he's freezing his tail off.
  13. I know you said "I can join a FC, but", but honestly Remnant has basically provided every member with exactly the sort of thing you're asking. Nearly everyone gets greeted when they log in, we're chatting all the time in the OOC LS and RPing in the FC's house plenty, and usually there's goodbyes when people are going to log out. Sounds like exactly what you're looking for.
  14. While my character isn't at the point in his story to walk a dark path, it is something I intend later on if you are still interested in this down the road.
  15. Actually, most of those things have cropped up pretty regularly for the Au Ra RP I'm involved in. There's underlying inter-tribal conflicts and suspicions going on, bloody brawls with agitators, squabbling and chest-puffing over whether Raens or Xaela are better. Not all the Xaela tribes are warring. Of the list we have, only maybe a fifth or fewer of them are noted for violence. That aside, they're not in Othard anymore. Most of them aren't with their tribes anymore. Old habits may die hard, but they are in a totally different environment, and some adaption is going to need to happen. I
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