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Host Club | Rendezvous | September Opening!

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In any of the three city-states, you might see a Miqo’te with black, braided hair tacking up currant purple fliers. If you approach, he gives you a friendly smile and offers you a copy.


"Hello, friend! Please, take a flier. Have you heard of the Rendezvous Host Club? No? Please, allow me to tell you a bit about it, and hopefully you’ll come and see us?


“I’ll explain it step by step, if you like. First, upon arrival guests are asked to form a line, as the selection process is held on a first come, first served basis. You’ll pay a 1000 gil entry fee, and then you’ll choose from the night’s selection of Hostesses and Hosts. Whomever you choose will then take your order for food and beverage and provide a pleasant evening’s conversation while you dine. Your stay can be as short or as long as you like, and our selection of Hostesses and Hosts is professional and diverse.


“As a professional place of business, we maintain a high-class atmosphere and must ask that our patrons adhere to certain basic standards of conduct. You can rest assured that you will be safe and comfortable in our establishment for the duration of your stay, as we do have security on staff to ensure that any disturbances are handled.


“Do I work for Rendezvous? Why yes, I’m one of the Hosts on staff. I go by Whyt. So please, come and see me and all the other Hosts, won’t you?”


[align=center]------------------OoC Info------------------[/align]


We're happy and excited to announce our fourth Host Club opening of the year! We will be hosting Sunday, September 20th at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST! The entrance fee is 1,000 gil, and will be collected at the door.


The location is Ward 8, Plot 13, (in the Goblet) and Hosts and Hostesses will be selected at a first come, first serve basis. (In other words, if the Host or Hostess you want has already been selected, then you will have to choose another, or depart until next time. The person who arrives first will get the first selection, and so on until all Hosts and Hostesses are spoken for.)


*Note: To avoid confusion, please line up on the lawn in the order of arrival when first entering the grounds.


Here is the menu that the Host Club offers!


Here is a look at the dossiers that are posted outside of the Club! (Note: Not all employees may be present on the day of the opening, depending on schedules. Feel free to ask the person at the door if a particular Host or Hostess is available, if you have a particular one in mind. Rest assured though - all of our Hosts and Hostesses have their own unique merits and advantages!)


As always, please let me know if there are any questions! Here's looking forward to another fun event! Be there or be a sad cactaur who misses Host Club! :cactuar:


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@Aiswynd: You'd certainly be welcome back! Each Host and Hostess provides a different set of conversational skills and perspective, so it can be quite a different experience each time. ^^


@Kiht'a: Apologies if the scheduling is a bit early, but we also try to accommodate our friends and LS mates from across the pond, haha. We'd be happy to see you if it works out, though!

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That would be great, Nailah! It's been a while. ^^v


Also, friendly reminder in general: our doors open in a little less than an hour! If you have a specific Host or Hostess in mind, remember that Hosts are selected on a first come, first serve basis, and are available for the day based on their RL schedules.


In other words, if you have stipulations on gender or race, arriving early is your best chance at getting closer to what you want. If you don't really care? Arrive whenever! All of the Hosts and Hostesses are plenty entertaining in their own style and way! :moogle:

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