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Sarina Alyne

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I'm somewhat new to the FFXIV roleplaying community, despite it being several months since I transferred from Famfrit to Balmung. A friend told me that Balmung was an amazing roleplay server, and considering my interest in roleplaying on chatrooms, I thought it would be interesting to give Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying a shot.



Final Fantasy XIV is the first MMORPG that I really got into. I've tried playing TERA and World of Warcraft in the past, but this is the first one that really hooked me into the lore and story. Despite being a post-2.0 player, I've fallen in love with the story and lore through version 1.0 and all the way to the latest patch of A Realm Reborn. There is just something about the experience this game gives you that is special from any other MMO I've played. I'm also a massive fan of the entire Final Fantasy series!



I've been roleplaying for over nine years now, and am still an active member of two different roleplaying sites- where I have a large variety of characters that I play. My favorite genre would have to be emotion-driven romantic roleplays with a considerable amount of drama. However, I'm not interested in romance without build-up! It just ruins the experience for me.



I have several characters on A Realm Reborn, however, Sarina Alyne is my main character that I intend to use for roleplay. I've finished her profile on the wiki, so feel free to take a look if you'd like.~



Google brought me here! I assumed there would be some sort of community for roleplaying in FFXIV, and sure enough, here it was! (Though it is considerably bigger than I anticipated!)



I am a fairly serious and heavy roleplayer, with my posts often dipping into multiple paragraphs (and even pages) on the chatrooms I'm involved in. However, on FFXIV, I tend to keep my posts a bit more concise.



I'll be making a post in the near future searching for the specific type of roleplay I've been wanting to do, so ... Look forward to that, I guess? ^^"



Thank you!

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