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The Fight Tournament come back!?

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Hello again Balmung. As it has been brought to me very frequently and requested since I canceled the event. I have decided to bring the tournament back in the very near future. So keep a eye out for it! But on the more important note I'd like to see who all is interested outside of those who have privately messaged me and also am looking for people who would like to assist with the event in any way. (IC healers, judges, donations [we give real gil to winners]) so let me know! The event will be doing it once a month or bi weekly. Not every week anymore. Look forward to hearing from people. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message on here or in game.

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Going to be starting in next 2 weeks. The exact day of it is still being debated. It's going to be Wenesday Thursday or Friday most likely. I'm leaning towards Wenesday


If it's on those days, it will finally be something I can attend. Hopefully it will be at a time that is good too. Being in the PST time zone sucks sometimes. Regardless, glad you are reviving this.

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