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Ahoy hoy everybody! 


I am an experienced role-player (Or so I would like to think.) though much of this role-play has been done on WoW, SWTOR and for a time TESO. I had a small play on FFXIV recently and quite enjoyed myself, and have been looking for a fresh MMO to take for a whirl.


Roleplay often is the bread & butter of my MMO-experience so I am looking for some advice on where to look in terms of getting the gist of lore, which servers and the like! The last time I properly played through a Final Fantasy game was back on PS2! 


Perhaps some folk are looking for a newbie friend to take under their glorious wing? :bouncy:


Thanks, Dismal!:evil:

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Balmung is thee RP server to be on, followed by Gilgamesh, filled by Siren/Jenova. The last 2 only have a small RP population but I hear it's slowly going.


As far as learning about the lore, I usually just look it up on the wiki and it's pretty much answered any questions I've had. For what it doesn't answer the users here are pretty knowledgeable about the game.


All that being said, Welcome to the RPC!

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