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Looking for Ishgardian Connection (allied w/Haillenarte) - [EU]

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Greetings, all! This is a very specific kind of connection I'm looking for, so please bear with me:


There is a character I'm looking to develop/return with a pre-existing background that will put them statically in Ishgard for the foreseeable future. Within this background, I'm really hoping to find an RPer/RPers with characters who meet the following criteria:




  • Members of a minor noble house allied specifically with House Haillenarte who would be interested in having a Hyuran player-character slotted into their house to serve as a maidservant or a talented healer


  • Members of an Ishgardian-based collective of healers/chirurugeons who would be 'forced' to take on a Hyuran player character into their employ by decree/influence of House Haillenarte

The hitch is that I'm ideally looking for players who are in EU primetime who fit one of the two above criteria, as I'm also EU based. The character involved in this connection will be an alt, but one for which I am looking to invest time and significant character development. I am open to relocating the alt to another FC as well in order to facilitate the connection.


Additionally, I am open to discussing ways to work around the alignment to House Haillenarte if you are based on EU time! With the greater background of the character, it is the House that makes the most sense to be involved in the plot, but for the sake of being able to RP in my timezone, I'm open to finding a workaround!


If any of this sounds of interest to you, please send me a message or a reply to the thread, and I will be more than happy to discuss the character concept with you at greater length to see if we might be a good fit!

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I don't have a character that fits your requirements, though could offer an Au Ra visiting Ishgard as an outsider.


However, there is this linkshell [ishgard RP] that is active and has characters that I think would be more suitable.



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However, there is this linkshell [ishgard RP] that is active and has characters that I think would be more suitable.


I've already got my sights set on making contact with them; thank you! Of course, it never hurts to reach further afield to see if this is a hook that might have appeal to someone else who catches it. :)

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