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[Balmung] The Rendezvous Kimodameshi!

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A few vendors are selling tickets to a new style of event for All Saints' Wake, though when asked about the nature of the event, the details are often lacking. If you investigate further, some Doman contacts may reveal a '

Kimodameshi' to be a traditional Test of Courage: where pairs of two are set upon a designated trail of frights. The ticket looks as follows:




On the back of the ticket is a map, which indicates the following location:




In smaller print, at the bottom, it says: The 31st Sun of the 10th Moon, at the 15th Central Bell.


---------------------OoC Information---------------------


In lieu of our usual Host Club, Rendezvous will be scaring up a whole new type of event: a Kimodameshi, or Test of Courage!


Ticket purchasers will show up at the designated location on the back of their ticket, which marks the start of the path. [East Shroud (17, 25)] This is IC gil only, and no actual funds will be charged for this event!


Groups of two are encouraged, as that is the Kimodameshi tradition. Showing up alone is also fine, as it simply means you will be paired with the next individual person who arrives. If the group arrives and is larger than two, they'll be broken down into groups of two (with any 'odd men out' set aside for the next available individual.)


The pair will then follow a Guide along the designated path. OoCly, the guide will pause at certain intervals to allow emotes to happen (although ICly, it will be considered that the group is still walking.) We don't imagine that we'll actually succeed in scaring anyone OoCly, but the fun of it is determining if your character would be scared at what they're experiencing! Think of it like an outdoor haunted house.


Of course, we can't control the weather. For IC purposes, this event takes place at night, even if the weather changes several times over. *Passes out imagination hats*


Here are the more skeletal details:

Date: October 31st

Time: 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST

Location: East Shroud (17,25) - the giant hollow log immediately North of Hawthorne Hut


Looking forward to seeing people there! Let's all get together and have some All Saints' Wake fun!

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Hooray! Anyone is certainly welcome! It should be a short and sweet Halloween diversion for any and all. :tonberry:


Also, as a general comment, typos fixed in the main post. *derps back and forth*

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Thank you all so much for your support! :love:


I went ahead and recruited another Guide in case the turnout is big, so we should hopefully be able to take through two groups at once (with staggered timing.)


Also, Sol, you can still come even if you don't have anyone to arrive with your character! I'll do my best to ensure you have someone else to walk through it with. I'll be pairing up any individuals who arrive with one another. ^^v

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Looking forward to seeing everyone there! We'll be kicking off the event in about an hour, but you don't have to worry about being there on time. Everyone will get a turn to go through who shows up, regardless of order, and we'll keep going until Guests stop showing! ^^v

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Thank you all so much for coming! We're all just thrilled that people had fun with it! It took a lot of coordination and work, so we're happy to hear it paid off. ♥ And we only had 1 full day of clear, sunny skies to work through, so that was lucky I guess! xD

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