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New to RP and FFXIV, have some questions.


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1) Currently I'm at lvl 34 and I was wondering if there is a "good time" to start RPing. Do people usually level their character first, or form their story as they get to lvl 60.


2) Should I come up with most of my story now, or should I wait to meet people. Basically I was wondering if people usually incorporate others in it.

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1) People start RP at any and every level. Some people began playing the game only for the RP, and only leveled up to access other zones/maps/get pretty gear. I came from the opposite camp where I played FFXIV for the PvE at first, and got into RP after I had hit endgame. Playing through the game may give you some more ideas about the setting, but you can also find a lot of info on stuff here and from other people too!


2) That's a "it depends" thing. I'd recommend having a basic backstory that could incorporate some other people in your character's past, but you don't need to have something so fleshed out that your character has no room to grow either. Do what feels natural! The making connections board is a good place to get an idea of how to incorporate others in, or perhaps someone is looking for a character that could be yours!


Welcome to the RPC by the way!

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I started RPing when my (previous) main was somewhere between level 20-30, and aside from slowing down the rate at which I leveled, it didn't pose any problems. There are, of course, areas you can't access at that level, but a LOT of RP still takes place in and around the three starter cities. 


I would definitely start working on your character's background now. Most people won't be interested in RPing with a character who is a total blank slate. When I'm about to RP with someone, I always check to see if their character has a wiki page. I want to have some idea of how our characters might be connected, or what kinds of interesting interactions they could have based on their histories, beliefs, or personalities. So it's really helpful to have at least a general idea of who your character is. On the other hand, it's definitely okay to leave some things vague so there is room to incorporate others into your character's story, or vice versa.

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Welcome the the RPC, ffxiv, and roleplay!


As others had said it's entirely up to you on how you want to do this.

I for one waited till the later levels 40-50 to start roping as I dhad access to more areas, the Gil for a free company room and also more clothing/ appearance options.

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I started Rp'ing around level 40 mostly because I happened to run into someone then. But you can start RP'ing at any level! I liked doing it at higher levels because of the gear and the glamour system, but it's entirely subjective.


As for story, I had a rough idea of what I wanted my character to be before I even started the game. It wasn't difficult for me to really get into it after I learned more about the lore. I didn't involve other people in my character's background for the simple fact that I hadn't really met anyone that would fit into it. That being said, I think it's a good way of pre-establishing relationships with characters if you're a bit stuck on how they could meet at present.

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I started up the RP just about as soon as I first logged on.  I knew (and know) very little about the world so far, but I play a character who knows very little about the world so far.  My ignorance is built into the character so that I don't make huge mistakes while RP'ing.  But a couple people have become frustrated that when I didn't know what Duskwight were or didn't have an understanding of politics in Ul'dah.


I have since learned these things.  But Mia wouldn't necessarily know the politics of Ul'dah having grown up in Gridania.  But she probably should have known about the Duskwight.


It's probably easier to RP after you've played through most of the worlds, not necessarily all the way to lvl 50 but I think it might be better if one had experience in all the zones. Then again, that implies your character is a world traveler and that might not be the case.  Not everyone who RPs is some hero on a mission.

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