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FFXI Roleplaying Linkshell

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So with the server shutdown around the corner, I've started to put some thought into what I'm going to do to pass time until ARR is released. A few of us had reactivated XI earlier to play a bit recently, and threw together the idea of an RP linkshell. I figure I'd extend the offer to the RP community as a whole here.


We had planned on RPing through the entirety of the Chains of Promathia storyline, though that would be by no means the only focus of the linkshell. There's more details, but those don't need to be posted yet. We'll need a healthy number of people on board to make it actually work, after all~


We're on Lakshmi at the moment.


Originally it was Mtoto, Myllor, Xenedra, and I. I'm not really sure if any of those three still want to do it, but I know I do~


So! If this would float your boat and you'd want to hop over to Lakshmi, just make a post here and I'll throw you on the list of people to be contacted when we get closer to server shutdown. Whether you have an existing character or not, leveling isn't too bad these days so you could catch up at a reasonable pace if you put some effort into it! :>


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Meh. A shame that it's on Lakshmi. I'm just much too invested and leveled on FFXI Sati and involved in his current community on Carbuncle (formerly Gilgamesh pre-merging in 2010/2011) to go server hopping, much less making a new character from scratch.


I wish you the best of luck, though! :)

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Unfortunately there was a lack of interest, and I'm probably going to be letting my subscription end this month and not renew. Had my fun, but seems like people these days aren't really keen on bothering with people who aren't fully caught up in Abyssea.

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That sucks. I think FFXI is getting to the point where their community isn't as engaged in bringing newbies up to speed. Reminds me of the whole "player retention" problem that EVE Online suffers from. The solution is surprisingly simple: Have a guild or two that is completely dedicated to supporting newbies throughout the game.


A good first month or two with people you can count on can make all the difference in how the person perceives the game.

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Not meaning to revive a dead post (well, except that's exactly what I'm doing...)


But I also have an XI RP Linkshell, that's been going on for a couple for a few years. A few members of the community have already switched over to Siren to take part in it, so if anyone is interested in RP on Siren, you can hit us up at




Apologies for the fugly banner. It's due to get remade. >.>


If anyone is interested in a more long term thing, we're fully intending to continue RPing there after ARR drops.

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