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Funeral home opening soon

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Hello everyone just quickly announcing the start of a new RP spot in Balmung! 


I've been pinching my gil for a short time and gathering up a storm and I'll be buying a small house soon to turn into a funeral home and ossuary for the Order of Nald'thal


This will be totally open to the public for RP, and characters of the Order or those who would like certain duties like security and the like would be welcomed to be a part of the home as an employee! 


Characters die at one point or another for various reasons, and many don't get to have funerals or events that really put the nail in the coffin so to speak. So, I'm opening my halls soon as they're built to any who would like to have this sort of RP event in a setting OTHER than the church in Drybone, which people can troll and also need for MSQ things, that could disrupt RP.


Myself (Naoh'ra Ohndai on balmung) will be helping you to plan out funerals, specific settings and wills to be carried out under the Order of Nald'thal and I'll even be around to help you have a lore friendly funeral or even be there to assist your character in attaining or raising their virtue before they meet Thal.


Feel free to reply here with ideas, inquiries or PM me for more details, I will be more than happy to answer or plot with you or just chat! 


Thank you all for reading!

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Thank you all for your feedback and support! I'll be updating a separate post once I get a plot and work out the finer details on everything in the near future :D


I hope everyone has a great day, and I hope to be able to RP with more people around this setting, death involved or not

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