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Wineport Social

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Hello all!  


This is a bit short notice, but I wanted to invite anyone who is interested in a little social RP to join myself and a few of my friends at a pub evening tomorrow night (12/8) at Wineport, starting around 9:30 pm Central US Time.  We've been running small events like this for a while now and there has been interest in bringing some new folks into the fun as we get back into the swing for the holidays, so we're opening our little get togethers to whomever would like to join in from the community.  If you're interested feel free to join us, just look for my character Heavenly Marigold around the tavern (She's pretty big and hard to miss).

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Hello again all!  


I just wanted to thank everyone who made it out, it was so much more than we anticipated and it was great to see so many people.  Our next event is in the works for Dec. 22, there will be a new posting with more details once they are hammered out. :)

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