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-MMORPG background-

I've got a long history with MMOs and RPGs in general. I first started playing MMOs when I was young, starting with Star Wars Galaxies. My father picked up a copy for both of us and we played through it together. After that we found our way to a game called City of Heroes (City of Villains) which was great fun between the two of us. I can't say it was my all time favorite MMO, but it holds a lot of good memories of father/son bonding. I spent a long time with WoW (On and off for about 4 years.) Never really finding a suitable substitute until Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning released, which took the throne as my favorite MMORPG until it's unfortunate end.

I took a break from MMO gaming in general for awhile before landing here. I'm enjoying what I've seen, what I've read, and what I've played of the game and I think I'm ready to call FFXIV home.


--RP experience

I've RP'd for 6 or 7 years through various games and forums.


--Character ideas/info

I've been leveling a character for awhile, up to level 40 now, but I have no character ideas in mind yet. I'd like to learn more about the lore before jumping in. I'm planning on using a Fantasia to switch to a Miqo'te, Au Ra, or Roegadyn when I'm comfortable with my knowledge of the game's lore.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

I have friends who play this game and they told me daily how great the community of roleplayers was in this game. So I went ahead and searched up "FFXIV Roleplayers"


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Medium-Heavy, it will vary based on real life engagements and responsibilities. I enjoy long term stories and forming bonds between characters over the course of weeks/months/years.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I'm currently a student in college(university) working on a Criminal Justice degree and enjoying every minute of it. Most of my free time lately has been taken up by games, pets, and work. However in warmer months I enjoy mountain biking.


That was longer than I thought. Anyway I'm happy to be here and look forward to playing with all of you in the near future.


Also! If anyone is willing to give some insight on the race thing. I enjoy the three I listed, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Roegadyn aesthetically but I'm looking for something that isn't so deeply seeded in lore that I might break it accidentally due to my current ignorance.

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I'd like to learn more about the lore before jumping in. I'm planning on using a Fantasia to switch to a Miqo'te, Au Ra, or Roegadyn when I'm comfortable with my knowledge of the game's lore.


You should find this masterpost of Racial Lore, History, and Origins useful! ^^ Let me know if you have any more lore questions! Hope this helps and welcome to the RPC!

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Thought I'd answer your query about the races, since you're interested in a bit of the game's lore of those particular three. The truth is, except for perhaps the elezen and au ra, it's difficult to lore break this game's races. The hyur are humans, and so can be anywhere, do anything, just like any other fantasy setting. Unless you're talking about highlanders, at which point you're pretty much looking at a Scot and/or Scandinavian person. And really, the rest of the races aren't so different. The miqo'te are by far the most popular and populous race. Really, cat people everywhere. Just do a Google image search of miqo'te memes. But, like hyur, they're hard to lore break. They all came to Eorzea on boats a long long time ago, before the rain and before the snow, and were tribal until they weren't. Now the entire race is composed of rebels out to prove that tribalism is bad. Except for the ones who are still tribal. So, like I said, can't go wrong. Then you have your elezen, which are a bit more lore heavy because of Gridania, Ishgard, and duskwights. Basically, your elezen is going to be of one of those three categories, and it's going to heavily effect the concept: tree-hugger, medieval fanatic, or sour puss. Roegadyn are about as easy as hyur, because even though the game sort of kind of maybe thinks about hinting at roegadyn lore, it never quite broaches the topic. Roegadyn come from mountains or islands, except for those that don't, and name themselves either after thematic names earned by deeds, or keep their racial names, except those who don't. Pretty flexible. Finally, you have the weeble wobbles - I mean the lalafel! Again, these guys are about as lax as hyur, with the exception that they may or may not compose the majority of the aristocracy of Ul'dah. Finally, au ra. These guys actually have some distinct lore. They're from Doma, they're tribal, they have some absurd naming conventions that adhere to Fuedal Japan's old culture, and they didn't exist on Eorzea before about 8-9 months ago. Oh, and they're not dragon people, they just look like it, and their horns can "hear" since they don't have ears.


Obviously a lot of players take their own approaches, making adjustments here or there to suit their styles. There really isn't any lore breaking that you need to worry about. Just present it well, be familiar with the norm, even if you don't represent it, and have fun.


tl;dr: The races in ease of lore content, from hardest to simplest: Elezen/Au ra, Highlander, Lalafel/Roegadyn, Miqo'te, Midlander.

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Personally, I think the Au Ra horns are annoying like 99% of the time, but mainly because they're so inconsistent in shape between the various face options and many of them really obscure line of sight to the character's face from a lot of angles, which is a shame in a game that does head-tracking and such so well during RP.

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