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Sassy Seaman Incoming


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Greetings everyone, I am Rudiford (pronounced Rude-ford) and it's literally my 2nd day playing the game! I got it during Black Friday but never actually started playing until now! 


As a huge RP nerd, I was recommended this forum for all of my RP needs. I'm currently exploring the game a bit on Cerberus, but when the time comes, I'll most likely dump all my characters onto Balmung to RP with yall.


I am currently in America but I'll be moving to the UK soon. I hope time differences won't hinder RP'ing (since Balmung is an American server).


In any case, if you would like some sassy sailor commentaries, I am the guy you've been looking for!

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As an Insomniac my current experience with Balmung is..people are on all the time..I wouldn't worry about any time change and the people here are SUPER nice so, an early welcome from me and likely others will be coming soon ^_^ I'm not too dug into Balmung but I've had the game for long over a year now contact me in game once you're over if you have any questions!

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As a player from the UK I can say that there is some activity through the day. Peaks times are clearly the US one but we have a good EU community here.


That's Balmung. Other servers I don't know and there are also EU servers that people probably shift to for the more PvE focused.

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