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New to FFXIV, Hello!


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Hello everyone! I have only been playing for about a month now, but so far I am having a lot of fun with the game. ^_^


Though I'm new to the game, I've been RPing in other various MMOs for years. I came over with two friends, but I would love to meet more people and make connections! I've already made a wiki page and tumblr for my character, but I still have a lot of work to go on them.


I'm also rather shy when it comes to jumping into a new community... but here I am. Nice to meet you all! ^_^

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Welcome, and what a lovely tumbler and nice layout on the wiki!


I'd say Free Company and Linkshells if you have not already looked into these, as a good way to get involved and some of the events posted here.


Also if you want some nice long claw/nails for your cat head to the Golden Saucer for some Claws of the Beast. ;)

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Thank you all for the welcome! I have begun looking through FCs and Linkshells, there is a lot out there. I would love to find an RP one that would fit mine and my friend's characters. ^_^


And thank you for the item link, Nebbs! I really want those nails, so that will be the first thing I save for at the Golden Saucer haha.

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