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Masked Vigilante Strikes!

~ B.H. Tyler


In an age of adventurers and mercenaries it comes to no surprise when one takes the law into in his own hands. Cries for help in back alleys are often met with the answer from a capable soldier able to diffuse the situation. What happened in the past moon, however, is something far different. Local Blades in Ul'dah as well as authorities in the Flames office confirm that someone dressed in complete black and wearing a black face mask to conceal his identity committed an act of vigilantism. Dubbed as the Viper, he has executed a highlander known as Ragnarr Breaker right in the Gold Court.


Sources confirm that Ragnarr is the one and the same man who was released on a mistrial because all witnesses vanished, one confirmed dead. Ragnarr Breaker was accused of two sexual assaults and one murder. All evidence has disappeared.


An eyewitness claims that this Ragnarr Breaker wanted something from her, that she "would be the one tonight." Suddenly this masked person, the Viper, appeared behind Ragnarr and executed him, saying 'his sins are paid with his life.'


Details around the execution confirm that the cause of death was a blade to the heart, with the entry wound on the victim's left side. Two punctures were seen on his face resembling the bite of a viper. Alchemists have confirmed that a venom was used to paralyze the victim.


This is not an isolated scenario. Currently Inspector Paul Desmond is the lead investigator on the case. He was unavailable for any questions. An unnamed source close to the Viper case, however, has confirmed that there have been numerous acts like this across Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ishgard.


Is this the type of justice the city states need? What kind of message does it send to citizens, and are they safe from this brand of justice? Friend or foe, authorities are offering a substantial reward for any information on the Viper. Citizens have been asked to contact Inspector Desmond or their local authorities with any information that may lead to his arrest.

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Suen is wandering the streets when she notices the news. She tilts her head as she recognizes the name.


"Oh, so that detective guy is really serious in that business..."

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Nebula glances at the note, then around the Ul'dah backstreet where she stands. There is one dead body, something that looks like a mugging and children begging. She scrunches up the note and adds it to the detritus at her feet. She wanders off on her business handing a nice red apple to a begging child as she goes.

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A brisk, morning breeze of salty ocean currents tugged lightly upon the edges of an open paper, the parchment halted in it's wayward dance only by the slender fingers that grasped it. Within the fold, an ocean-hued gaze weaved over the contents to take note of each written letter. True enough, most of what one would print in each printing of the Lantern was advertisement or exaggeration, yet something in the most recent edition had caught the eye of the blonde bardess whom had found the time to peruse...


"It would seem the good detective has yet t'catch his illusive prey," murmured the highlander from within the shadow of a hat's wide brim, the words directed at none in particular though drew the odd look from a passing Lominsan. A soft hum played upon the woman's bronzed lips in consideration for written word and the philosophies that came with the morally grey.


Tap, tap, tap.


The pad of a sunkissed digit patted lightly against the crinkled edge of the article. Interestingly enough, the actions of this vigilante wasn't exactly ones the shapely seafarer could disagree with. When the system reached inevitable failure as had been proven, burdens always fell on the broadest of shoulders to take on the mantle. The biggest curiosity, in her mind, was the drive behind it. Odette would be lying if she said her interest wasn't piqued in more ways than one.


Perhaps it was time to find and speak with this Inspector for a second time.

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Steel peered over the posting with her hands resting on her hips. It was an intriguing read, the details of this so-called Viper. More intriguing than most things posted in Ul'dah. She wondered if this particular individual was associated with those Dutiful Sisters of the Edelweiss she'd heard about--some group of knives in the dark with a penchant for upholding the Pirate's Code.


Maybe one of them decided to keep watch on more than buccaneers? No small feat, by any stretch...but work Steel certainly admired.


A toothy grin flashed across her lips as she reached to her hip pouch and pulled out a writing tool. It was nothing more than a large wood splinter with its point blackened, but with a bit of moisture from within Steel's mouth, it made as suitable a writing device as any inkwell and quill.


When the writing point reached the right moisture, Steel quickly scrawled along the bottom corner margin of the posting and walked away with a chuckle.


The particular copy would now have on the bottom "GO GET EM VIPER"

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Ah, the Tonberry's Lantern. A finer gossip rag you won't find in all the land.


He'd just been wandering around Ul'dah, not really noticing the difference in dirty looks that people were giving him this time around. Finding a nice place near a fountain to sit down, he unrolled his copy of the lantern and sat his eyes on the present article.


He rolled the newspaper up, calmly got up and thought to himself he'd better avoid the cities for a while...

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(( Tongue in cheek ))


Passing through the city once more, the figure stopped and commented to herself.  "Ah, Ishgard.  The city always brings a chill to my heart."  As she continued from the lower city to the Cathedral for her evening prayers, the headline caught her eye tacked to a notice board.


"What's this?  Masked vigilante strikes?"  Fingers slowly traced the letters.  "Wait'll they get a load of me."

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Stroud Forscythe set the article aside as he looked over his own golden mask in his palms. "Clearly a man of some conviction... But in the grand scheme of things, nothing more than a straight razor amid an endless field of chaff...." He affixed the mask to his face, tightening the straps about his horns until they were taut. It was nearly time for his recital.

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((In order not to pollute with topics, I'm adding a recent news story to this thread))


Murder, Kidnap, Vengeance

~ B.H. Tyler


Three nights ago it was a grimly fateful night for a wealthy family in the Goblet residential area. In the Parker residence, Flames officers found the Parkers dead in the bedroom of their home. A little boy was found alive, the only lead to start the investigation. His sister: abducted. The bloodshed, however, did not end there. One of the responders of the crime scene, Sergeant Chadwick, was found dead in Ul’dah last night. It was the handiwork of the Viper. It has been confirmed he was involved in the abducting of the young girl.


Inspector Paul Desmond was available for questioning and issued a statement to the public.


“When a child is abducted people fear the worst. In most cases, their fears are realized. In this case, we are happy to report that the Parkers’ daughter was found and returned safely. The masked vigilante known as Viper returned her unharmed.


“In an alarming twist of investigations, we uncovered a plot that went high into my department and involved the director, Sigfred Valor. Evidence shows that he was trafficking children for profit. Unwilling to cooperate or be taken in, he was executed by the Viper.


“Since this plot has been uncovered, we have learned that Sigfred wanted the vigilante caught because he threatened his criminal syndicate. With this in light, we have ceased all investigations and the matter on the Viper is closed.”


For citizens and writers, the matter is not closed. They continue to experience aid and speak of him. If one asks the right people, they will hear stories of how they were attacked, about to be killed, and then a man in black rescues them. Or if you talk top personnel at infirmaries, they will tell you about the bodies of the criminals the vigilante felled.


A curious piece of information recently surfaced. A few of the people inquired will tell you that he is Onryo, which means vengeful spirit. The consensus is this: people are happy to know that there is this spirit who wanders the night and takes vengeance on behalf of those who can’t or who are no longer able to.

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Jana let out a loud "tch!" as she crumpled up the newspaper and tossed it into the nearby fireplace. "Vigilante" was just another word for someone who disregarded the law, and it meant regular adventurers were going to lose standing. Everyday citizens already looked upon them with mistrust; with a vigilante allowed to run around, why would anyone bother to submit a leve request or pay an adventurer? And now she was expected to believe the vigilante was just going to be allowed to roam the streets because the investigators were scared? She didn't have to be any sort of criminal to think a vigilante allowed to act freely would hurt her business, and Jana intended not to take the matter lying down.

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Indictment Escalates

~ B.H. Tyler


Two nights ago, the Warner family was indicted on child endangerment. As the case unraveled investigators became aware that the crimes untold were much, much worse. The Warners were found to be adopting children and then selling them in order to meet demands of their high debt. While details will be spared, rest assured that what went on is far worse than what you are imagining.


Because of their new charges, one young female miqo'te was sent back into adoptive care. The lead investigator, Inspector Desmond, was available for a statement.


"When a case like this involves families and young infants who can't speak for themselves, it takes great vigilance to make sure those who can't speak get justice. Authorities take every precaution to make sure not only infants, but children and their families receive the care they deserve. We're just thankful that this young child will get the care she needs."


Many remember Inspector Desmond's work on the vigilantism case and particularly the vigilante known as Onryo. When asked if the rumors were true that Onryo provided authorities with the evidence of child trafficking, his response was: "Authorities do not need to work with vigilantes to make sure justice prevails."


Some, however, think there is a watchdog for us in the night. Cries in an ally are often answered by a flash, a man in black, and then he's simply gone. Let's hope he sticks around and cleans up the streets.

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John felt a small hand touch his shoulder and he stuggle to open his eyes.  "mimi..." he murmur as he turn his head to his Mom's student.  The Lalafell help him sit up, placing a pillow behind him.  He could see a tray sitting on his nightstand, with a lite broth and water sitting on the tray.  "you didn't...have to..."


Mimi climb up on the bed, taking the bowl, and helping him eat.  "Mistress Waterstrike is still furious about what happen."  She place the bowl on the tray before allowing him to sip some water.  "She also concern with the lost of memories over what cause it."


"I'll...speak with... Khyran and...Sir Connor..."  John closed his eyes for a moment then smile as the Lalafell handed the paper to him.  "Thank... Lady Mimi..."


"Please get some more rest, Master John."  She pets his glove hand, not noticing the slight flinch from John.  She took the tray and left the room.


John eyes landed on the latest article about the Warner.  His eyes narrow a bit.  "Dad is going to wish... that he firebomb them."  That was one thing he knew about his family, they would not sit by if they knew a child was in need for help.  He closed his eyes offering a prayer to Thaliak for the little girl.  "Onryo?"  It was a name he hadn't heard of before.  "Whoever this is...though he's doing good work...there is still a risk that... he will take more of...the law into his hand."  He hope that Inspector Desmond was able to catch this person before something true tragic happen.

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Brass Blades Assaulted, Prisoner Escapes

~ B.H. Tyler


It has been reported by officials in the Brass Blades office that two nights ago they were assaulted by a single individual. Several eye-witnesses and victims of the assault report that a man in black walked into the office and subdued several guards. All reports match descriptions of this being the masked vigilante we’ve come to know as Viper. Interesting to note is that no one was killed. In fact, none of the methods of attack seem to match our ruthless criminal executioner.


What is important to note, however, is that a single prisoner was freed from her cell. She is known as M’lissa Keht and is wanted in connection to the murder of Ludovic Descateaux. One of the guards was found at the scene with a number of slashes. These have been confirmed to be done by daggers and were laced with a poison that causes the victim severe pain until it eventually wears off. There is no antidote and the victim is still recovering.


Now the Viper is wanted by Brass Blades and the Immortal Flames. M’lissa Keht is being sought after by Inspector Paul Desmond. He was on the scene to assist the Brass Blades in connecting the Viper to the attack, but it is not his mode of operation. It is believed that Keht dealt the poison to the slashed guard. For unknown reasons the Viper freed Keht.


While Inspector Desmond is not investigating the Viper, he is looking for Keht in order to tie a recent string of serial murders to the murder of Ludovic. Sources confirm that he recently filed to have her transferred to Maelstrom custody but the transfer never made it to the cell warden.


If the Viper or Keht are seen, they are asked to contact their local authorities or Inspector Desmond, respectively.

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The report caught her eye and it was certainly worth the read. The red head skimmed through the report and the one thing that stuck out the most, was poison. She carefully read through it one more time, to make sure she had a clear understanding of what was going on.


She fielded with her leather bracelet as she thought out loud.

"Best thing ya aught t'do is t'track down who she bought it from, or if it was somethin she made. If she made it 'erself, it'll be 'arder t'find 'er. Perhaps I should pay this man a visit, maybe get somethin' from helpin 'im out too."

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Robe was laid out, his daggers already hidden in the pocket.  John glance at the mirror, frowning a the 'black' hair that sat on his head.  He pick up the hat, pulling it low over his eyes, the puffiness able to hide his ears from view.  He pick up the rope, using it to tie his tail to his left leg before slipping the pants on.  Before reaching for the robe, his eyes glance to the paper, rereading the article about the Masked Vigilante.  Maybe...maybe after this was over with and Khyran had been found not guilt/freed by those of Aethertide, he would speak with Sir Desmond.


"Maybe my ability would give him a better idea on why the Viper has started helping criminals in escaping from the law."  He wince a little, eyes flickering over to the dark robe he was about to pull on.  Readying himself to 'help' free a friend that may be a wanted criminal as well.

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Viper Claims Another Criminal

~ B.H. Tyler


It was a surprise to many that the case for Eadwin Harper was dismissed due to a lack of evidence. Most of it was circumstantial in the case. Nevertheless, the man accused for multiple offenses against children was released back to the public. This person seemed to escape justice, but was he guilty?


Apparently the Viper believes he was. Eadwin Harper was found dead in his home just last evening. Sources confirm based on the amount of decay that took place that he has been dead for two days before he was found. Another source gave details of the burtal murder. Yes, the Viper's typical poison of paralysis was delivered, but what took place was unsightly.


Eadwin was dismembered below the waist in a brutal fashion. Because of the nature of torture that took place and the fact that his was a suspect in multiple children abductions, Inspector Desmond was on scene. He was not available for a statement.


In Eadwin's basement many cages were set up to house his victims. One was there that night. A little girl at the tender age of eleven was held against her will. For what we can only imagine. Did this lead to the nature of Eadwin's death? What caused the brutality delivered here? And was the Viper correct about Eadwin's guilt?


The little girl, Kini, did give a statement to authorities. She said a man in black and a lady in a dark hood rescued her and brought her to her parents.


Does the Viper have an accomplice?

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John dry off his hair, looking over to where Kit was fluttering over the paper.  "What has you so interested in the paper, Kit?"


'Man in black.' Kit said, 'Some one hurt kids and he hurt them.'  She flutter up on his shoulder as he let the damp towel hand around his neck.  John pick up the paper, ears laying flat as he read over the article.  He felt his hand shaking as he ready what had happen to the body then he saw the age of the little girl that was saved.  She was only 5 years older the Joy.  If he had somehow had gotten ahold of Joy, and he could already picture what would have happen when Aethertide had gotten done with him.


John felt sick and he could feel the room closing in on him.  'He don' broke the code and he'd pay the price for it,' a familiar voice whisper behind him.  He turn around but there was no one there.  He swallow hard before looking back at the paper.


"The Inspector must be glad that Eadwin isn't hurting anymore children but the brutality of the man's murder must be making him realize that the Viper is going down a dark road," John said.  "Revenge is only going to lead to blood and death," he murmurred, sitting the paper down on the table again.

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Vigilante Justice; Ehvar Claimed

~ B.H. Tyler


Citizens have been taunted by the news reports of the serial killer that was terrorizing miqo’te. Dubbed the Ribbon Maker, many watched for reports that he would be taken down. Many finally could relax when this animal was taken off the streets. But, to the dismay of several who worried, he was released since he was ‘mentally unstable.’


Some blamed the authorities, but according to all records, the arrest was good and clean. The case was solid. So this begs one to wonder where this animal made the slip. What loophole in our justice system was exploited and will it be fixed?


Regardless of that matter, there is one who waits in the dark for scum to drop through that hole. The Viper was waiting, and he found his mark. In Outer La Noscea five were found dead. One was Ehvar. Two victims contained the usual marks of the Viper and trace amounts of the paralyzing poison. But also found in one roegadyn and Ehvar was a poison that leads to death.


Investigators found a base for its makeup: bloodflower. The poison itself kills the victim, painfully separating life from body. Further, Ehvar’s body was found to be slashed violently and held two entry wounds undoubtedly created by two daggers. It is believed that is how the poison the was delivered. There was also a bullet wound on the right side of his chest.


The scene revealed there was a struggle that ultimately lead to Ehvar’s death. It is clear that the Viper did not kill Ehvar, but likely killed two others at the scene. Investigators have created a file for this new method of killing, which has been seen before but not with a death-dealing poison. The label for the file: Fleur. When asked why: This is clearly someone who has blossomed to killing, much like the bloodflower used in the poison.


Investigators say that the Viper is now working with someone and this someone has been dubbed: Fleur. Both are considered to be extremely dangerous.

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A cool touch to his head and John open his eyes.  "How long..." he ask, Kit fluttering infront of his face.


'About 10 minutes.' Kit said.


"No, it was a quarter bell, little one."  John look pass Kit to the figure sitting on the edge of his bed.  Well, he would have been sitting if there was actually matter to him.  He lifted the piece of wood, setting the knife...no, the dagger to it.  "What was it this time?"


"A chest of jewels," John whisper.  He turn from his friend, picking up the paper.  "You and the other Rogue didn't leave anyone alive, Pick."


Pick sits the wood down and steeple his fingers in front of him.  "We can't have you loosing yourself in my memories.  They were ones that I was wanting to forget for a reason."  He look over to John, frown as he saw John staring at the paper, the color having drain from her face.  "John..." he said, the spirit slipping from the bed to come around to read.  If he had still been alive, his own face would have probably pale as well.  "Who the seven hells gave over bloodflowers?"


"I've...I've been following the cases for...for a while," John said, eyes still going over the article.  "Five dead...but there was the bloodflower..."


John and Pick look at each other.  "He's losing himself to the Code," the both said.


Yet...yet something in the article was not right for John.  Something about it...no, something with the MO.  He sat straight up, forcing himself out of his bed.  "John...John stop."


"No, no, there more going on then the Viper getting revenge."  John grab his stabb...his daggers, slipping them into his pack.  "I have to get to Outer La Noscea.  Sir Paul should be there to do the investigation..."


"John, they probably already finish."


"No, someone setting him up."  At Pick's blank look.  "The slash marks, even the poison fit his MO.  They have always been part of his MO.  Yet they said there was a bullet wound Ehvar's chest."  Pick's eyes widen as he caught up to John.  "Yes.  A serial kill keeps the same MO...Viper has always kill with dagger and poison.  He's never kill with a gun."


"He could have...


"No, he wants to face the person he's killing.  Why...because he personal to him.  A gun is long distance.  It's so the person doesn't see it coming and it not personal.  We have to let Sir Paul know that there was a someone else beside the Viper there."

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The Dark Lord turned over a few pages along the paper until another article had surfaced regarding the masked 'hero of the people' to tear at his attention. His glowing crimson eyes glossed over the details of the latest killings, taking the time to commit the poisons mentioned in the paper to memory that he might pursue a line of inquiry among his peers at a later date; If it was good enough for one whom was clearly crafting a wall of bodies where-so-ever he wandered, it aught be enough for a swordsman's edge. 


He paused a moment, that he might bring his teacup to his lips and tease them with the warm brew that began his every morning. The sun was just breaking the horizon and filtering in through the window, and despite the glimmer, he still found the world beyond the glass to be horribly dark. He thought quietly on how he may have misjudged this Viper upon his first reading of the man and his methods... This was one whom likewise saw into the blackened abyss that was mankind's darkened heart, even if perhaps tainted himself. 


He turned his attention back to the sprawling sea of words detailing The Viper's accomplice and thought perhaps that perhaps in time, what had begun as a simple tale of mere vigilante justice might yet conjure an orchestra of justice - however skewed a perception thereof might be. As he finished his tea, he cast the papers aside and pressed his own ornate gold mask against his face, drawing the leather bindings about his horns that it was taut against him and veiled his eyes from the world at large. 


"You, like so few in this world, are making terribly swift waves in a woefully small pond."

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Viper Found Dead

~ B.H. Tyler


Information has surfaced recently that the masked vigilante known as Viper has been found dead. Multiple sources confirm that it is the masked vigilante who was found with multiple stab wounds all over his body. The poison used to paralyze his victims as well as the catalyst to deliver it was found. His weapons have also been tested and match the wounds on all of the Viper’s victims.


This news comes as a shock to some citizens who were interviewed. Many wonder what the streets will now be like with this masked crusader off the streets. It has been a quiet few weeks and already many reports have come in of violent crimes. Nothing has been heard of the Viper’s accomplice or even if he had one to begin with. Evidence points to him being able to manipulate certain scenes to make it look like it was not his handiwork.


The person behind the mask has no record of any kind and he was unable to be identified. The hyur midlander has blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes.

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The blond seeker moved into her room, silent as she ever was when holding the stack of articles from various locales. She began to sort through them as she stopped near the fireplace. Each page that was deemed unwarrantable of her attention, was simply cast aside from her hands into the fire -- until one headline stopped her and she turned completely still. 


Eventually, she moved further into the room, through the door and into her bedroom. She turned and stood at the desk in the corner. There, on the wall, were countless articles concerning a certain vigilante as well as news of a man known as the Ribbon Maker. There were once other reasons why the two sets of news were on the wall together. Now, the Viper and Ribbon Maker had something new in common. They were both dead.


M'lissa Keht set the article down onto the table. Her hands were set at either side after removing her visored turban and setting it aside. She continued to read the words over and over again. Was it true? Was it real? Or was this another nightmare that she could wake from? No amount of wishing seemed to wake her. But there were points that she tried to linger on in the text. He was unknown when he should not have been. She tried to hold onto that idea. She tried to find comfort in it -- to tell herself to remain patient and wait before reacting. She tried until her hands turned to fists and inevitably no amount of paced breaths wishful thinking could help what was brewing.


A chair was left in splintered pieces against a nearby bookshelf. The table was upturned and the flowers within the vase were scattered along with the soil, dirtying the floor they landed on. She began to rip the articles one by one from the wall until her hands landed on one article. Brass Blades Assaulted, Prisoner Escapes.


The page was handled far more carefully then, clutched to her chest as she finally relented. She succumbed to the angry, hurt sobs that left her slumped on the floor. "Why...?" she demanded in question. If the article was at all to be believed, which she was determined to think it could not, there was no one left to answer.

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"I'll try to be back early," John said, placing the last potion in his pack.  "I know that the celebration is suppose to start the day after tomorrow."


Sam grin from where he was standing at the inn room door.  "Yes and I would have allow you to stay in Ul'dah tonight but the first of the fighting heats starts tomorrow between Grand Company units.  You're are back up healer in case Bandit is injury worst then what a healer can handle."  He wave at his 'brother'.  "Also paper from Ul'dah came today."  He step out of the room and made his way to the main area.


John sigh, moving to the desk to see about what was happening at home.  "I should wrote Howl before now but with combat practice then what happen with Noah..."  He wasn't even going to speak about what he had seen with the guys that was poisoning the rats but he now knew where that bloodflowers came from.  "Be far more careful...when I speak with Lady M'lissa again."  He pick up the paper, "I hope she will help me turn Viper awa..." his voice trail off as he took in the headline.


"No. No...nonononono," he said, dropping to the floor.  The Viper was dead.  Did his dark road finally claim him.  "Fo...found with stab wounds over his body... but they didn't meantion any signs of a struggle."  His eyes ran over the article trying to piece together what was being said.  He wonder how Sir Paul must be feeling about this.  "Hm, points to being able to manipulate the scene... this confirms that it was someone in law, or work closely with the law."  He frown at the description of the Viper.  "Blond hair... blue eyes...midlander hyur..."  Why did that feel familiar?  "Blond hair, blue eyes, and midlander...who...who is it..."  He really needed to talk to Lady M'lissa and Pau...and his eyes widen as the piece fell into place.  "No...No, it couldn't be.  Paul...he was working the case but it makes a weird sort of sense."  Still, if it was Paul then why did the article say that he was unknown?  Why would they cover it up?  "Ugh, I can't do anything to find out once the celebration starts."  He pick up his pack, ears low as he looks over the article again.  "Thaliak, please let me be wrong and that Paul either had nothing to do with the Viper or that he set this up to try and find his way back to the light."

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Slave Traffic Ring Exposed. Nine Dead; Dozen More Rescued

~B.H. Tyler


In recent days four young girls had been taken into custody on charges of underage prostitution. After exhausted efforts, a joint effort with Inspector Desmond’s team saw these girls returned to their families. In doing so a slave traffic ring was exposed. Eye-witnesses in Gridania claim to have seen a man and woman taking one of the young girls, Jasmine, out into the Shroud. Later, authorities located the man and woman, identified as Jurmin and Esrith Lander in an abandoned Gelmorran cavern. Seven others were found there along with a dozen girls waiting to be sold to the highest bidder.


This was the plan except all seven buyers as well as Jurmin and Esrith were found dead at the scene. Reports state the captive girls saw a man in black confronting a man whose description matches that of Jurmin. It seemed Jurmin was under the impression this man in black was dead. The phrase “Hell sent me back for you” was heard and caused fear in many of the girls.


However, the reports are clear. This man in black disposed of vicious people, rescued a dozen girls, including Jasmine, from further heinous victimization.


This leads to the question on everyone’s mind. Is this a copycat vigilante or our man in black?

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John sigh, rubbing at the ache that seem to linger in his head from the night before.  He hope it was just an over use of aether...and not 'her' trying to force her will on him.  He would have to speak with Khyran soon and have Howl or Grandfather there.  If she manage to form a body when Khy remove those memories, he wanted someone that had dealing with voidsent to back Khy up.  "If the memories are just now starting to become active...I should have time to remove them before she gain's control."


'Scared.' Kit said, cuddle into his neck.


"Yeah...I am too."  He sighs, before stepping out of his room.  The apartment was empty.  "Dad is probably working with his latest batch of study.  Hm, note from mom."  He read over the note, smiling.  "Can't believe Mimi has finish her training.  She'll be looking for a new student soon."  He glance at the paper and he rummage for food.  Finding a contain of dry roll grains, he heated them in some milk before grabbing an apple and slicing it for Kit to eat.  He took a few bites, the food helping to ease the ache in his head.  He eyes scan over the paper for a moment, "Jumbo Catpot numbers...Flames holding Northern Thanalan...Slave Traffic Ring..."  He frown, as he finish reading the headline.


He shakes his head as he reads.  "Hope they have someone to speak with them to help them through what they went through." he murmurred.  "If Paul and his team was there...then was I wrong that Sir Paul was the Viper or right that he laid the Viper to rest."  He shakes his head before finish up the article.  He choke on his next bite of cereal, "No...why.  If Sir Paul did put the Viper to rest then why would he come back.  Could it be a copycat?  I should see if I could speak with Lady M'lissa but I can't, not without upsetting Lady Quine."  There was also the possibility that she didn't know either.


"Yet, if it's not a copycat, then was the girls being charge with underage prostitution what set him off again.  That need to protect."  If it was then...there was a chance that all the work that he might have done to find his way back to the light could be undone.  "With the lack of details about the condition of the bodies, then I have to hope it's a copycat and that Sir Paul and his team will bring him in."

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