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Creating a Fur Hunter/Trader character

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Greetings everyone. I'm posting today in search of help in developing a Fur Hunter/Trader character to use in the RP scene. It's more about the small details what I'm looking for and hopefully you guys can help me out here. So here are some questions to get things going. 


What creatures in Eorzea would it make sense for me to develop a Fur trade business from? On a basic perspective?


What areas in Eorzea would be a good setting for any tales about the business that might sprout during conversation?


Any city in particular where my business practice would be forbidden? Any city in particular where my business practice would be highly found or common place?


I plan for my business to build and develop as my character also develops. Doing my best to stick to a smooth transition throughout. I plan to develop the business in stages, with each stage presenting more dangerous game that would provide more exotic furs and hides. If you had to put monsters in stages like the following example, how would it look like? (example below, replace with creatures you would find in Eorzea)




Stage 1: common animals like foxes, cows, wolves and the occasional bear. 

Stage 2: more powerful and dangerous game, dire wolves, large bugs , tigers, lions, crocodiles, sharks and the occasional mammoth. 

Stage 3: creatures with signs of the mystical trait: werewolves, trolls, lesser wyrms, centaurs, giant eagles, and the occasional adult dragon. 

Stage 4: creatures of legendary origin: powerful giants, strong ogres, elder dragons, krakens, colossal bugs, dinosaurs, minotaurs, and the occasional giant wurm or ancient dragon. 


What are some hooks I could present people as a Fur Trader to engage in RP, aside from buy my wares? 


These are some of the questions off the top of my head but I'll keep posting if I have more. Hopefully I can get an answer on a couple of these in the time being. Thanks for taking your time to read this!

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i will try to help. will probably add more later. on my phone atm. and havent slept in 36 hours lol


common animals by region



dodo wolves aldgoat squirrels and toads for skin and leather

snurble tufts and fur

turtle skin and shells

drake skin and shells

peiste skin and shells



mites and diremites for silk and carapaces.

wolves boar and squirrels for skin and leather


la noscea

dodo toads sheep buffalo and aldgoats for skin and leather.

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This would be a fun thing to RP! I'd like to see more merchants and craftspeople in game.


I would look at what items leatherworkers use to get an idea how you might progress. You could get an idea of maybe the power or rarity items hold. I can't think of anywhere it would illegal, but you might want to look into:


  • Gridania and poaching. The Twelveswood has a sort of pact with the elementals and they are not the kind to take more than they need from the forest. This is to the point where NPCs will even say "I want you to collect # of this item for me, not a single more! We don't take more than we need."
  • Tailfeather in Ishgard. They capture chocobos, but there's some quest material involving the slaying of them and their thoughts on poaching, but I don't quite remember how it goes.

If I can think of anything else I'll let you know!

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What creatures in Eorzea would it make sense for me to develop a Fur trade business from? On a basic perspective?


Well, reading off of my LTW list of skins and leathers here:

Aldgoat, Toad, Boar, Pieste, Raptor, Hippogryph, Coeurl, Saurian, Blue Fox, Gryphon, Archaeornis, Wyvern, Dhalmel, Dragon, Serpent, Griffin (in order of lowest to highest level leatherworking)


From quests there's also mention of fox, marmot, antelope, dormice, etc.


As for legendary or big game skins, there's Dodore, Uraeus, and in Gridania, the legendary Sicksa.




Any city in particular where my business practice would be forbidden? Any city in particular where my business practice would be highly found or common place?


Hunting the Black Shroud is a bit of a gamble. That's really the only city-state with strict poaching regulations. The Pact of Gelmorra forbids Gridanians from taking anything from the Wood in excess, which puts them at odds with poachers who make the trade of skins and furs their livelihood, like many Keeper families. That said, the area around Quarrymill is designated elemental-sanctioned hunting grounds, but only in small quantities, otherwise you'll be tried under Gridanian law for poaching.


Quarrymill was named for the waterwheels that served to process raw stone into building material. Over the years' date=' it has come to be a gathering place for hunters and trappers, owing to its location amidst elemental-sanctioned hunting grounds. Quarrymill is also a place of judgement. All outsiders who wish to dwell in the Twelveswood must present themselves here to have their worthiness weighed by the elementals. Those whose petition is denied cannot remain in the wood, nor can they receive of its bounty. Harsh though it may seem, this has been the way of it since time immemorial.[/quote']


South Shroud Landing

Constructed by Highwind Skyways to serve as a landing for cargo airships, this location was quickly abandoned when the imperial presence in the area became too large to ignore. Now the site is used as a makeshift market where bandits and poachers peddle their ill-gotten wares far from the eyes of the law.


Antelope and dormice abound in these parts' date=' but we must be careful not to hunt more than befits our need. What the forest gives, it can just as easily take away.[/quote']


Even the bounty of the forest has its limits. To loot it for your own gains is to court the wrath of the elementals...


The Elezen have long been known for their skill in leatherworking' date=' yet for centuries their techniques were heavily guarded. Once they agreed to share their wealth of knowledge, the quality of Gridanian leather goods improved significantly, creating an increased demand for the superior products.[/quote']



Hope this helps! ^^

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