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Restoration of game servers...?

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I'm not entirely sure what this is about, but apparently tomorrow, Wednesday November 21st, 2012, they're going to turn the servers back on with a slight roll back to patch 1.23b.


I suppose this was announced, but this is the official announcement from the lodestone: http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/topics/detail?id=778f68b1be2bc870ae2f341ef10bec4dfae14661


Here are some interesting points from the post about some aspects of the game:

  • Increase in anima recovery rate
  • Reduction of all gear repair costs to 1 gil
  • Chance to obtain job-specific weapons on login for players who logged out in an inn room
  • Relaxed requirements for participating in "Bowl of Embers (Extreme)," and for undertaking the quests "To Kill a Raven" and "Living on a Prayer"

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The plan was, if 30% or more people were interested in still playing the current incarnation of 1.0, then they'd bring the servers back up a few days after they went down and everything was done and dusted. Now, they'll keep tabs on the server activity, and so long as it stays above a certain point they'll keep them up and running until ARR. Not sure what'll happen after that point.

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I have some video footage I'd like to record for a fun little side-project I'm working on. But mostly my sentiment mirrors Deirdre's.


Eva's kind of gone poof into the aetherial rift by now, and I'm not really a huge fan of retroactive RP since it has a habit of changing timelines and such, so if anything we might pop on as an alt and play around a bit if there's any open RP going on or anything. I admit it might be an interesting opportunity for the folks who are aging their characters five years to RP out interactions and such. :)


But for now we're playing through some newer and classic console games and I'm getting back into drawing again so kind of spending a lot of time with that. But if there's some non-canon event, or something we can bring our alt to that would be fun, we're all for that~


I assume everything is going to be as it was at the end of 1.23 with Dalamud still hanging menacingly in the sky and all that?

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Well, we'd only be doing it for fun, since everything we do is not going to be saved (story and level progress/weapons/etc).


Personally I want to make my hubby finally see the GC/Dalamud storyline since he is obsessed with the End of an Era trailer. xDD

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I'm not uninstalling until I get into testing/ARR launches. I'm keeping a version of this game on my computer even if it's useless!



Yeah, I'm leaving it installed as well. Though it is rather empty on the servers. I just like to log in every once in a while and rummage around. :P

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