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Workshopping while I wait


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I'm sitting here drawing and thinking over creating my summoner Au'Ra while I watch for an opening in Balamung since I'm not sure on paying the $25 to transfer him.


I am pretty set on a male because I really don't like how tiny the horns are on the females. And a Raen for the higher int stats as I also want to try playing a magic user, though I much do prefer Mongolian names to the Japanese names that this clan has.


Right now the name I'm going for is Kin'iro Ryusei.


So far his parents are both Black Mages, trying city life and also staying close to the local starting guild for their children just in case they would also choose their path. He was still very young when the move occurred.


While not pressured into it, Kin'iro feels that he does owe his parents to at least give being a Thaumaturge a shot, with coaching from his family it was fun, though he dreams of expanding to something else than a Black Mage, to share more spells, turning to buying books from merchants where he could, discovering the studies of Arcanists, currently he is saving up to try to travel to Limsa Lominsa, but he is still unsure if he can go through with the sudden change.


So that explains the class choice for now.


He's bright and eager to help others, often floating around the many other guilds doing odd jobs for the receptionists when he isn't helping out around home or doing tasks assigned by the Thaumaturge guild. 


And that's what I got... I think it's lacking a LOT but I'll keep staring at this and working on it, but I'm very open to suggestions.

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Seems more than enough for someone beginning their adventures into Eorzea, with a small catch: Black Magic is completely illegal and bad things happen to open practitioners. If your character and his folks are just powerful Thaumaturges, that'll more than cover the difference, but the concept of openly being a Black Mage doesn't mesh with the lore we're given currently.

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Good luck keeping an eye out for Balmung! It seems the only real time to make a character is early in the morning after downtimes. The upcoming patch may be a good time to try, but it closes up pretty quick!


As far as choosing your Au Ra, I wouldn't worry about the racial stats unless you're going to be doing hardcore endgame. I don't think the stat differences matter all that much in the end outside of min/maxing, and I'd say it's more important to go with the character background you enjoy the most.


As far as BLM/SMN go, those are tricky classes to pull off when it comes to lore. They can definitely be done in RP, but should be thoroughly worked out if you decide to go in either direction, since they have certain requirements to achieve. Rules can always be bent, and everyone has their own play style, but it's good to be aware of this stuff.


Sounsyy's compilations are excellent resources, and I encourage you to browse them for for info on these or any other classes you're looking into. In the mean time, good luck finding a spot!

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Thank you all so much for the feedback! 


I'll read though those lore. I enjoy Au'Ra a lot in terms of their designs, and I do want to play a fair bit along with rp because of the timezone difference that might occur since I'm currently living in Thailand, so that's why I'm going with the stat choice at least with Kin'iro.


It'd be interesting to develop how the family is adapting to life in such a largely populated city especially now that I know how the jobs work lore wise. I'll think over keeping them Black Mages or moving them to Thaumaturge. I still feel that with the books he read growing up and that he still reads he'll be drawn to learn summoning, though now he'd keep it behind closed doors as he's not entirely sure it's possible, unsure if the brief mentions are true.



And it is basically $25 when you convert to AUD which sucks, but right now I really want to get to RPing to help build him further so I might try and place him in Siren until those 3 days pass.

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