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Hello.... ;w;


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Hello everyone! You can call me Lovi or Jamie, my pronouns are He/Him and I'm a relatively experienced RPer and FFXIV player. I'm really nervous because I'm brand-new to forum roleplay, but I sincerely hope I can make some good friends on here :love:


I recently re-subbed after about a month of inactivity and I followed my friend to Cerberus after he transferred from Faerie. (Unfortunately he re-subbed sooner than me and got first pick on where we switched to. RIP my dreams of a Balmung life) 


After I became inactive on FFXIV, I switched over to Blade & Soul, which was a blast. I capped there and returned to FFXIV to catch up on Heavensward content. I'd always wanted to RP on FFXIV, but I could never find any FC's for it and always had a hard time approaching people to ask haha. 


I'm still in school and I have work so my activity on here may be a little limited, but I'm determined to find a place in this community and have lots of fun! 


Thanks for your time and reading this! :love: See you around!

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