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Have no fear! A'mun is here!!

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Greeting and salutations my FFXIV friends! A'mun Guhn has finally arrived! Found on the Balmung server and in the company of the FC Rivalry! I'm excited to finally be able to get this guy down on paper and get him known! Still kind of new to the RP in Balmung, so lore and whatnot is still a concept I'm working to grasp, so if we RP and I screw something up... please don't kill me!

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Nobody is going to try to kill you!*


Welcome to Balmung RP, and welcome to the RPC! It sounds cliched but there really is something for everyone here and in game. There's also a really neat user-wiki section that's got profiles for a great many of us here and a Calendar section stocked full of user-made events almost every day of the week. Settle in, look around and feel free to ask if you need anything!


*Disclaimer: People might try to kill you.

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Hey there!


I'm late to the party, I know - I keep making new tabs when I see new player posts, intending to reply, buuuuuut... I do tax accounting IRL and this time of year gets weird for me, so I do apologize for how long it took to say hi!


If you or anybody in your FC (at least, I should say, the sorts of characters who can amicably socialize with others, haha) want to branch out a little and make some new contacts, our FC house at Goblet Ward 6, Plot 58 is a public inn and tavern and we love to have visitors come by. We usually have some sort of RP going on most nights of the week, but we don't mind if people come and enjoy the space even if the FC members aren't present (public means public). The Maidservant in the downstairs tavern is named Mitzy, and although she's quite ditzy, she'll serve up your drinks and food quite dutifully - albeit probably with errors. :D

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