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[Open - Slots] Black Chocobo Gang : Freelance Piracy!

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DO YOU LIKE PIRATES!? DO YOU LIKE ROLEPLAY!? it's almost like this is all somehow related.



[align=center]Black Chocobo Gang presents [/align]

[align=center]FREELANCE PIRACY[/align]


"La Noscea is a hot bed and haven for criminals, pirates, cut purses and sometimes, even common and decent men and women looking to make a living. La Noscea is also the home of the Black Chocobo Gang, a group of thieves, thugs, halfwits and geniuses - pulling all sorts of strings and cables to make a living through nefarious means. 


They inhabit a place called the Dullahan's Head - a seedy little run down and dark joint (sometimes even dank) that dirt from all over Eorzea can feel at home in. Rumor is, there is a job in the inner workings of the Dullahan's Head. It's patronage moves far and wide, whispering in dark corners of Eorzea's filthiest and cheapest bars, where cracked mugs, broken dreams and scofflaws look for leads to make easy gil.


An Ul'dahn merchant vessel makes monthly deliveries to the docks of Ale Port, yet no pen ever slides across the pages of a book - detailing what it is carrying. News of this reached one of the Black Chocobo and the call for men and women of a loose moral standing to gather up and act upon this information went out.


Did you hear about any of this? No? -- Well. You just did."




Hello - I am Red Duck or DrDucker or Johnny


and I'm going to do what I used to do on other games - host events. I haven't gotten around to it yet in FFXIV, pretty much because... well - there is a game to play. And It's super fun. Yes Sir. I like it.


Anyways, I'm going to try and run this event in a simple and straight forward manner. In another game I used to play named Champions Online, every event page came with a little Sign-Up sheet in the lower opening post, to limit how many people could show up - a way of not over loading the DM/GM. I'm going to give that a shot here.


I usually let the RP spell out the details of the job, but the nutshell outline of the event is this. Red Duck, my character, is going to pirate some stuff. He needs other people, of a loose moral compass, to help him pirate some stuff. I'll be running it as an event for five people - in a very Final Fantasy way.


The BCG [black Chocobo Gang FC] did this for an event we did for ourselves and it was A+. Everyone stood in a line, we blasted FF battle themes from all the games, did little step forwards - emoted, did a /random - then stepped back.


Genius, right!? I know!!


The rolling system for this event will be stolen borrowed  nah, STOLEN, from Warren's Grindstone rolling rules!


I'm entirely open to doing pre-event RP to give people who have signed up a better anchor into the event, as well.



When will this event take place though, Red Duck/ DrDucker /Johnny?



I am glad you asked! - My initial plan is to host it on APRIL 13th, Wednesday, 6pm PST -8. Which gives plenty of time for anyone who wishes to get pre-event RP done, done!


If you have any questions, just toss it in this thread and I'll answer them, while also, endlessly bumping this thread. *COUGH*




1-  Sun'ra Zhawn

2-  Hakucho Izayoi

3-  Honus Himself



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For everyone attending the event, I know I got pre-event RP done for most of you


The meeting for the job will be at 3, 27, Mists at a bar called the Dullahan's Head - owned by or the Black Chocobo Gang!






If you didn't get Pre-event RP done with me, feel free to Headcanon why and how your character heard of the work and showed up, or some NPC that gave them the head nod and pointed them my way. I can roll with it all!!



See you all tonight

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