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SHYBOY seeking love in all the wrong places

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I'll jump to the skinny of it because I don't know what to write. I've currently got four characters on Balmung with another four on the way. Before you ask, they're all shit. I'm just looking for cool dudes and attractive people to toss the ladbanter with because I'm an abrasive person who can only hurt what he loves ;_;


I'm still not really used to MMO roleplaying, though I do have a bit of pen and paper experience under my belt. I don't know how the light/medium/heavy roleplayer categorization works, so I guess I'd call myself a "Medium" roleplayer. That sounds like the one where you're not in character 24/7.


I'm looking for pretend-playing of all sorts. Dramatic, light-hearted, adventure, whatever. My grip on my characters' personalities past the concept is still nebulous, and I hate that.





Honus Himself: Midlander Hyur. Gregarious asshole. Mercenary with PTSD, basically Venom Snake or something I don't know. I don't care. Shit.


Ostrix Lulon: Duskwight Elezen. Dour asshole. Aspiring knight with no morals, basically Delita Heiral or something who knows. Bad.


H'ximke Kohme: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. Cheerful Jew. Criminal accountant/secretary I guess. Cute.


Winding Path: Hellsguard Roegadyn. Gregarious idiot. ADVENTURE! That's it. Garbage.


Kanshi no Oribe: Raen Au Ra. Or Auri. Shit, I don't know. Old. A grizzled not-samurai and aesthete who wishes to take in Eorzea's beauty. Totally not a rip-off of Hyouge Mono. 糞. Transfer pending.


Cwenburh Fiske: Highlander Hyur. Ara ara, ufufu. Homesteader widow on the search for MUH BROTHER. Actually a Midlander IC, I'm just a fuckboy. Trash. Transfer pending.


Yoenne Saistenious: Wildwood Elezen. Healslut. Mercenary seeking vengeance, basically Punished Snake. MEDIOCRE. Transfer pending.


Berker Barakci: Midlander Hyur. T*rk. Mystic and illegal drug trader, will probably give lore buffs an aneurysm from all the bullshit I'm going to spew with him. The worst. Transfer pending.




Hit me up if any of this sounds appealing to you. I'm basically in the dark about roleplaying etiquette as far as MMOs go, so be prepared to hold my hand a lot if you do end up sticking around. I'm basically the worst person ever. I'm sure we'll have a great time together.

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Welcome :3


People here tend to be really nice, so don't worry too much on that account! If you need help with roleplay and the game, just send me a message to my character Leih Rhun. I'm also sort of new in FFXIV, though I RP before in SWTOR and LOTRO. I'll be glad to help in any way I can.:moogle:

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Updated character roster and summaries to more accurately reflect what the fuck I play. Attempted to be a bit more serious this time around. Still tried to keep things concise, of course.



Honus Himself: Midlander Hyur. Cutthroat freelancer attempting to escape the sins of his past. The actor loses himself in a role become aware, which seeks now to validate its existence as an imposter. In a nutshell: "In which Venom Snake rejects his fate." Main roleplaying/playing-in-general character.


Ostrix Lulon: Duskwight Elezen. Wayward son of a people who were rejected by the world, and rejected the world in turn. The scion dreams of an ages-old deception, forsaking another people's freedom to right the injustices against his own. In a nutshell: "In which Delita Heiral fights the Republic."


H'ximke Kohme: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te. A spurned daughter of Maelvaan's Gate. Though possessed of silver and quicksilver are her tongue and mind both, the glimmer and engravings of gil set her heart aflutter afore the rhythms of rules of arcanum. In a nutshell: "In which Scarlett O'Hara swears to never go hungry again."


Winding Path: Hellsguard Roegadyn. Adventurer of Ul'dah in mourning. Nevermore shall the Raven soar along the road everlasting, and so must every twist and turn be made known and flung across the realm on Bards' tale and birds' wing; so must the elegy be. In a nutshell: "In which an NPC comes to terms with their mortality."


Sahwe'li Ningha: Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. Twelveswood mystic who serves as a traditional mediator for the powers of the Shroud. Aiah, aiah, thirty and two are the faces of Menphina, yet one and none is her light's truth; by the third eye given sight must he pick and choose from the many-and-all. In a nutshell: "In which one attempts to ape a certain Michael Kirkbride." Transfer pending.


Cwenburh Fiske: Midlander Hyur. Settler of Vylbrand following a trail of lies. As the world burns and the river grows thick with ash, the last of her generation keeps close forefathers' bones and follows her blood in hopes of finding her heart. In a nutshell: "In which the effects of another's actions are explored." Transfer pending.


Luculla bas Maiorianus: Highlander Hyur. A widowed Garlean come to claim what was lost. She walks the long road in search of a familiar corpse, indifferent to a world teetering on the edge of ruin. In a nutshell: "In which a trash mob is given perspective." Transfer pending, further research required.


Syngiwyda Hastwaenwyn: Sea Wolf Roegadyn. A tale to be forgotten by history. Her axe now laid dull and rusted despite cleaving through so many foes; too soon did she come to make her mark in this turbulent era; even now she bears the callouses on her hands, the scars on her body. In a nutshell: "In which a hero lives long after their tale has ended." Transfer pending.




I'm probably going to be pulling a lot of shit out of my ass in regards to lore. Original post kept as is so people don't start to think I'm not a shitposter at heart.

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