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Hey! Question about the methods for RPing

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I'm not 100% abSOlutely positively sure I'm going to pay 18 dollars to transfer. In fact I already made a character on Gilgamesh.


Heard Gilgamesh wasn't as "immersive" as Balmung as in nobody there RPs in the open. Is that true? That would be a major bummer. I don't like having to RP in private, like, at all. This doesn't include RPing in isolated areas or inside houses though.


The more important question: Do people generally RP the same way they do in text chats? Ever since Ragnarok I enjoyed doing RP with the resources the game gave. 

No *His eyes shone with despair upon those last words. His hands slowly finding their way to the messenger's shoulders before his lips parted and he asked once more.* "Tis true what she said?!" instead of simply using one of their multiple animated gestures or facial animations to express shock or excitement then send "Is this true?!" via public chat or something of the sort.

The former has always seemed pointless and counter-immersive to me. So knowing the answer will make or break the excitement.


I already play in a different world. I'm not going to quit it. I just kept hearing about there being RP communities and since the game had so much potential for it I imagined it more fun than it could be (or maybe less fun?).

I also already roleplay using chats and long detailed descriptions, which is another reason I see no point in logging on XIV for that specific purpose.


Anyway just looking for answers. Cheers!

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Hi there!


RP in game does make use of a lot of /em and dialogue to fill in the gaps the game cannot provide on its own. Many people do also combine their dialogue with emotes and other expressions to help make it look and sound better.


There are quite a few styles, but there is the prosey stuff you mentioned. An action can't always convey what words can.

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Well you will find all styles on Balmung. Though the tendancy  in open fast paced RP there is less description, and in more one to a few then it becomes more verbose. This is practical reasons mostly as if you take 5min to respond in a fast moving RP you are going to struggle.


Personally I'm with you somewhat. If my toon sits or moves or smiles, I don't feel the need to more that they sat down. etc.. (keyboard farts aside)


Though I would advise adding some emotion, this seems to help the others pick up on a mood that otherwise does not come across. Most will emote and add speech. 


/em frowns with concern, "You left the cake out in the rain?"

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I think the best way to put the open world RP experience is that everyone went to Balmung to make sure that happened. I am sure other servers set up events and stuff, so there will be some group open world stuff, but it will be more planned and less spontaneous (please correct me if I'm wrong, this is what it took on other servers I've played on).


While there are quite a few in game emotes, I personally don't find them as nuanced as I'd like. (For example, I would use the Roe's /think motion for blushing rather than our /blush cause it actually seem to fit better, but the Lala /think is sometimes too childish in nature, and I'd rather just /em tilts his head to the side for a moment before continuing. Though some emotes, such as /shocked, do work well for certain responses.) Like Nebbs mentioned, my character going to /sit in a chair doesn't need the /em sits down unless I am needing to be specific about HOW (example: /em throws herself into the chair and pouts.) I would say I use /em about 75% of the time or more.

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