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So... What do we know about Thaivnair

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Judging from the clothing ingame, they must be scantily clad. 


More seriously though, it's an interesting question. They look kinda middle east / indian inspired but it's totally possible I got the totally wrong impression.

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Slight necro here, but figured it'd be better to ask this in a thread rather than start my own.


Do we know anything about the language spoken in Thavnair? I'm assuming they speak their own considering there are other languages referenced in game, but I haven't heard anything yet regarding the language of the near east.

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Persian (technically Iranian-American) chiming in!


Radz-at-Han, when Romanized from the original Japanese, comes out as "Razahan". Raz-i-Han in Persian/Farsi actually translates as "Secret of Han," or to throw a poetic spin on it, "Secret of the Hannish".


EDIT: I've found a single, somewhat unreliable source that claims that Rahzima/Rahziman translates from Arabic into "my flower" or "flower of mine," which would make Radz-at-Han into "Flower of Han"... but I can't find another source to corraborate. Google gives an entirely different Arabic word for "flower," too, so I'll have to wait and consult with family to confirm or deny.


EDIT 2: My suspicion is that the intent was for Radz-at-Han to derive its name from Arabic roots. It would've been either Raz-min-Han or Raz al'Han, they went with the latter but left out the L due to Japanese linguistic difficulties, and someone decided to throw in a T for the English to make it sound more exotic.


...that, or the short "i" sound becomes an "a" when transliterated to JP and the origin was Persian. Curiously enough, there is in fact a Persian character for "dz" which produces a hard "z" sound, but the character in use is just the usual ze ( ز ), not ẕāl ( ذ ).

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Didn't lore seem to say that even in Eorzea they all kinda have their own languages and stuff?

"Measures must be taken─measures which transcend boundaries, be they of faction, race, language, or creed. And to do so, the Scions require the aid of those with our talent." - Minfilia




Yes, but they don't elaborate any further onto it >_> She might be talking about the beasttribes for all we know.

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The Sea Wolves are confirmed to have an ancient language from which they draw their names. The dragons have their tongue (which mostly gets translated for us courtesy the Echo). The people of Doma (and Raen, by extension) are known to have their own. So here are plenty out there, and lots of room to explorate which races and clans and tribes might possess their own languages.


Given how Jalzahn talks about the Zodiac Braves and sacred texts which refer to them, there's probably a Thavnairian equivalent of One Thousand and One Nights.


P.S. Mirza means "prince," or going back to the original roots, "commander-offspring."

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Ah, very interesting!


A friend and I, both being relatively new to the game, decided to make our characters Thavnairian. The posts on this forum have been super helpful with it, and the other night we were discussing what the potential language of Thavnair would be for the sake of understanding how Eorzean would feel as a second (or third) language. Since the the game already mentions various other languages, we decided to operate under the assumption that Thavnair would indeed have it's own.


I appreciate your input on it!

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After reading this thread and the original thread (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=14186&pid=227668) I wonder if anyone knows what the stance on Au Ra (specifically Raen) immigrations to Thavnair would be. Could a family or multiple families have immigrated prior to the razing of Doma?


I am not fully versed on Au Ra lore yet, I am only just delving into it, but I love the idea of Thavnair and the Near East.

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We have so little lore regarding other regions that I really don't see why it would be an issue. Supposedly all the various races can be found just about everywhere (they're called the Wandering Tribes for a reason if I recall, right)?


I imagine Thavnair is just as diverse as anywhere else, albeit on a smaller scale. It is an island nation after all.

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From the lorebook....



To the south of Ilsabard lies a great sea known as the Bounty. The abundance of sea life combined with its central location in relation to the Three Great Continents has historically seen civilizations on the islands of the Bounty thrive, even during the calamitous Umbral Eras.



The most prominent of those civilizations would have to be that of Radz-at-Han, located on Thavnair-the Bounty's largest landmass. An ancient city-state with a history stretching back thousands of years, Radz-at-Han is best known as the birthplace of modern alchemy. It is interested to note that, despite having a very limited outward military presence, the city-state has succeeded in forging a non-interference treaty with the Garlean Empire, ensuring their independence while mightier nations fall about them, and as thus, Radz-at-Han remains an active hub for trade between Eorzea. However, it has been noted by some that the treaty was only formed so that Garlemald could obtain items from Eorzea via Thavnair, as official trade between the regions was frozen after the Empire's failed invasion twenty years prior.

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