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Hello, hello! Hello?

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 Hey everyone! The name's Mike, and I've stumbled across this fairly interesting community! I've just recently begun playing Final Fantasy XIV (two days ago as of this post's creation) , and I'm really enjoying it in an OOC manner. Though...as one with quite a bit of RP'ing history (and an adoration for writing) I thought something like this would only go to improve my stay in the FFXIV realm! So, without any more waste of haste, I'll introduce myself using the handy templates offered by the helpful people of these forums!



[align=center]MMORPG Background:[/align]



    I've only played one mmorpg heavily. That, my friends, was Mabinogi. Loved that game while I played it, it's very dear to me. Every moment that I could, I would play that game. Anyways - aside from that game, I've played Maplestory and a little bit of others fitting into different types like Destiny. I've only ever played with small groups, so involving myself with this large conglomerate of peeps'll be pretty nifty!



[align=center]--RP experience[/align]


    My RP experience is much heavier in other formats, however. I hold certain blogs on certain platforms which are fairly well-off, and have enjoyed character creation and expression for quite a bit of years. I understand the ettiquite, the general flow, and more or less what to expect. Patience, undestanding, and a keen interest for character interaction have taken point during my stints within several rp communities. As do many roleplayers, I do care about my character, and wish to only deliver a portrayal fair to my own brain/heart-child. ;)



[align=center]--Character ideas/info


[align=left]  So! Character ideas and yadayada. Honestly? So far I only have about two ideas simmering at the moment. I'm much more 'familiar' with one than the other. Here's why. The idea I'm more 'familiar' with, would be my Jaune Arc (RWBY) inspired character. He is hardly a character fit to be called an 'oc', but rather a certain build of characteristics headcanon'd from the series, and brought over to FF XIV format.  I've rp'd this character extensively, for quite a few years as my main muse.  So, I'm more comfortable with this idea. The other, is a bit of unfamiliar territory for me. I'm no terrible oc maker, but I'm not the most skilled either. Thus creating a Miqo'te character is a bit odd for me as a newcomer. There's lore around the race that I haven't been able to wrap my head around, and I've only been at it a couple days as passing thoughts. Now, onto the vague specifics for Jaune, at least.


   Jaune Campion is his name, and he was once a member of a large Ul'dahian family which has a moderately impressive tradition of participating as Gladiators in the bloodsands. Historically, the males would most often be brought before the Gladiators guild as a rite, more or less. However, this generation of Campions finds a certain obstacle standing in the way of their habitual claim to glory: Jaune. 


   As the only son between eight children, the burden fell to him to achieve greatness in the arena. The issue lies, however, in the fact that Jaune simply can not bring himself to fight with blood and steel, for glory and honor. The very idea...it sits ill in his heart. Though, his father seemed insistent on placing Jaune in the ring. So, with hesitance he did. However, Jaune met failure after failure, loss after loss. Getting nowhere, he finally placed his sword down and ran away clad in shame. 


   Thus, through a journey filled with much thought and uncertainty, he finds himself in Gridania. Something in his heart of hearts whispers that it is here. A true home for his heart. Within conjury and creation, his soul will be put at ease, knowing that his feet can carry him forward to places beyond bloodied sands. 


[align=center]    ---end--- [/align]

   Naturally, there will be more in depth development, but that's the idea so far. If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot em my way![/align]



[align=center]--How did you learn about the coalition?[/align]

   I suppose I actually found this place looking for a decent server to join. Someone said that there was an rp server so I was allll up on that.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

  I love rp'ing, and I'm creating characters specifically for rp'ing for purpose.. So, I suppose that means heavy, yeah?



[align=center]--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)[/align]


    Well, as I've said before, my name's Mike! I'm 19, working and off two days a week: Mondays and Thursdays. There's a few things that I do during my free time, nothing worth mentioning about, really. I use Skype quite often, so if we get to know each other well enough, maybe that'll be a thing we can do! Hm..I'm a big fan of RWBY, I'm a sucker for cuteness, and I think that's about it for my profile! Go ahead and message me if you're ready and able to pick me off my dry feet, and dunk me into the waters or FFXIV rp!


    I'm sure we'll get along fine, see you around hopefully!  [/align]

[align=left]                                                                                           ~-~-~-:chocobo:



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Hi Mike! Can I call you Mister Pib? Great, that'll work out just great.


The RPC's a pretty varied server, with RP and events going on basically all day every day, of all sorts of varieties and focusing on a number of different spheres of drive: There's casual hang-out bar events, there's performance-oriented bardy events, there's a bevy of combat events (though it doesn't sound like your boy's too interested in those!) and lots of random, pick-up RP in the city hubs and sometimes out and about in the various camps of the world.


Your concept sounds pretty solid, too, so that's a fine place to take off running and getting to know some other characters sharing the world with you! If you've got any questions or concerns or want to know more about the world, there's a pretty dedicated group of loremongers here who knows more about the setting than SE seemingly does, so don't be afraid to ask. There's a General Lore thread... somewhere around here that serves as a "hey, how does this work?" sounding ground.


Welcome to Balmung! You can never leave.

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Another Mabinogi player, hello!!!

Welcome to the RPC and to FFXIV! Everyone's pretty friendly here, so don't hesitate to ask questions should any more come up - we'll be glad to help. (/) o v o)/)

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Welcome aboard! I like RWBY a lot, too.


Your character sounds like fun! Ul'dah gives a lot to work with, I find. Lots of conflict to make a great character out of. Celise is an ex-assassin for Ul'dah so maybe they can bump into each other sometime!

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