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A poke to get involved

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Hello all!

Thought i'd make a shout out for connections since my character has been on the shelf for a while. I've dusted her off and created a profile and some other creative-y stuffs to start motivating her return.


I'm unsure where to start really so this is more of a getting to know you/me post for anyone who might want to get involved with my character at some point.


Basics of basics; recently returned to the Agents. Tira is just a young archer who is on a little bit of a rocky journey finding herself. I'd love to find people she can learn from, develop friendships alongside adventure. Any other nature/earthy spirited folk out there she would likely get along with.


I can be pretty shy irl and somehow that seeps into my gameplay u_u so i'm not very good at approaching others as often as i'd like. I do have my moments though!

Feel free to gander at tumblr/wiki aaand poke me in-game or here or accidentally on purpose bump into me if you like!

Thanks : )

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Feel free to poke me ingame, or I'll try to do it if I can!


I have a character with deep gridanian roots that has quite... forsaken, or forgotten her link to that. It's a relation that I like playing on from time to time.

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