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RP on EU servers

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Hi there!

I am not sure whether there is such a topic but I'll try. I am a player from EU and plan to buy the game. Usually when I play MMORPG I roleplay and there is no difference now. I would like to RP on EU server instead NA like Balmung or Gilgamesh. And now the question: is there an EU server where players RP or a free company?

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No, by normal means you're not getting in. However, I'd suggest playing the game first, see if you like it, and then there's always the option to transfer.


That said, you can transfer up to 8 characters for the price of 1 unlike most other games, so there is that :)


Sadly enough Balmung is locked often due to the massive overpopulation we have. On the upside we barely have goldspammer. But I'd suggest seeing if you like the game first, and then you can always transfer off to Balmung if you wish to get into RP.

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I have been playing for a few days so far and I really like the game. I have experience in MMORPG, for example, I played SWTOR and WoW, but I also like Final fantasy. The universe is very engaging and through every hour of playing I want more. Especially I am happy that the plot of the game is on a high level and it is really interesting.


As I said, besides playing a content given by developers I am a fan of adding something more, in this case RP stories nad character. Coming to that I have an extra question; Is RP in FFXIV satysfing?

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There is a huge amount of EU players on Balmung as well, me included. You might find it worth the hassle of transferring if you like having the opportunity to find roleplay at pretty much all hours and of course if roleplay is a big part of what makes you enjoy the game to the fullest. :)

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Finally I have bought the game, and still there is no possiblity to create a char on Balmung :/ I really don't want to entriely start my adventure on a server, which doesn't contain RP friendly players or FC, and then waste my time and money on creating another one on a different one. Will it be whenever possible to make a char on Balmung?

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As the other have been recommending, the only "easy" way to get onto Balmung I'd with the character transfer service, which is a one time charge to bring characters from one server to another. (It's the USA, it's 18 USD, but I do not know the EU price).


Balmung used to open for a small period of time when most players were not logged in, but due tto he massive player overpopulation and gilfarmer bits that spam the login, even after a maintenance, the server typically closes after just a few minutes making it almost impossible to get in otherwise.


Although Square Enix says a server locked for character creation cannot be transferred to, many people have found this is not the case and have been transferring in for the past 2 years or so.

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Thank you for the respond. I will think about this option. However, I sustain the request: which EU server is the most RP friendly?


You will find pockets of RP on every server (from a few people to FC or LS). I think the point people here are trying to make is that you will not find large amounts of RP outside of Balmung if that is what you are looking for.


You may want to ask over on the SE Official Forums to reach a broader audience than just the RPC.

World subforums

Companies subforum


Good luck!

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Hey there.


We are trying to build up a RP community on Phoenix and ist already growing. We use the english language, even though many Players are german.


So if you guys interested in RP on european Servers give us a Chance.

We are the members of the Crystal braves LS in the hall.


(You can contact us here or in the game, just whisper Yui Shiori, Nohal Redburn or Raia Varin.)

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If anyone is looking for roleplay on Moogle, please give me a shout. I've set up a Linkshell and I'm looking for anyone and everyone to join.


Add me on Dadani Dani or have a look at our pages here:




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