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OOC linkshells, perhaps?

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Oh, hey there.


I am Knislinge, you may recognize me from - well, nowhere. I'm still new around these parts. I've managed to hit up a few RP events so far and quite enjoyed myself, but one thing I've been really missing is a bit of an OOC 'network', so to speak; somewhere to lurk and see what's going on and what people are up to ingame.


Are there such things as linkshells primarily for OOC chat and RP planning? I haven't had much luck searching so far, though again, I'm new to the game and the site, so there might be something obvious I've overlooked.


My character is a young Elezen and aspiring healer, who, youthful stupidity aside, would rather be sitting inside reading a book than out adventuring. Characters in previous MMOs include airheaded bureaucrats and paranoid space-wizards who care more for potted plants than people.


So, er, I prefer more down-to-earth stuff to super combat-y adventure RP.


So, uh... yeah. General OOC linkshells? Places to find quiet nerd RP? :)

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There are many.. MANY.. OOC LS.


What to look for:

  • How many members?
  • What time-zones?
  • General chat vs specific theme or topic? 
  • Moderated? (do the owners care?)
  • Amount of rules? (a good way to tell the type of people in the LS)
  • How active are they (most jump from deadly quiet to manic at any given time)


What there are few of is IC LS (/cry)

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