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RP Blogs and FFXIV

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Morning everyone,


I ask this out of curiosity, because I'm thinking about starting one, and because I used to see them all the time during my time in GW2: What is the overall opinion on RP Blogs? I'm starting to think that starting one would make for a fun pass time when I feel like chronicling the adventures of my characters, and give me additional creative outlets to help relax from the monotony of real life :P

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I have IC Tumblrs set up for my three main kids. Someday when work isn't crushingly busy I'll get some writing up on them. For now it's mostly screenshots and asks and reblogs. Personally I think character blogs/Tumblrs/etc are a LOT of fun and can be really helpful for learning about characters - both for the person maintaining the blog and those who view it!

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Yep, there are a butt load of RP tumblrs some are strictly IC, but some are IC/OOC (like mine). Personally I find them to be an interesting way to pass the time, and continue/solidify the stories I may have began in game, or often I use my tumblr as more of a diary for Raeje and Chrys. Of course, they're also a great place to post your screenshots and art, if you do that kind of thing. I even post poetry that Raeje has performed, and songs that inspire me when advancing her character.


All in all, I thoroughly enjoy my RP blog.

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I have an IC blog myself!


This was something that was really big in the Secret World community - that and twitter. That was a lot easier and more natural because The Secret World takes place in our actual world (just secret) so you can incorporate basically everything in reality on that blog.


In Eorzea, I'm not really sure "what" the blog actually is.  Is it a newsletter delivered by Moogles?  Is it some kind of linkpearl scrolling smartphone-ish kind of thing? Most of us have accepted that we have some way of taking selfies - photography does exist, as do moving pictures.  It seems like most of the ingredients are there for an internet like experience but I haven't seen much reference to anything like that.


In my head canon, my blog is a journal of some kind that represents an adventurers account of stuff that happened a long, long, time ago.

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I had an rp blog on Tumblr when I first started RPing FFXIV but then I stopped, revamped Jade, and lost the login info.

I've also used an RP blog for Skyrim OCs. It's a pretty convenient medium for roleplay I find. (I really ought to make a new one...)

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I just use the Lodestone for my posts.


(got coffee)


I like em, but my eyes tend to glaze over if they're too long (that's just a me thing) or refer to people I don't know (happens a lot on lodestone cause it seems to be mostly non-Balmung people who post RP blogs there, go figure.) I only ever used Tumblr for non-text posts in the past, so it never even occurred to me to check it for FFXIV related stuff until I saw others mention it being used a lot.


Whatever you do, don't post to Reddit. Gawd. >< Some poor soul decided to post an RP story over there and I'm sure you can imagine how that went. >.>;


Unless there's some off-the-main-forum area I've not found yet in my short time posting to the RPC, I don't think I'd personally feel comfortable posting my RP here. I'd feel more like I was debuting on the main stage at the Met. lol.


I think the Lodestone is a good go-between. It's not over saturated like Tumblr and not in-the-spotlight like the RPC and it is offered free by SE along with the sub. May as well use it. :D


(The comment above is COMPLETELY my opinion only. YMMV here. And other caveats. >.> )

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I used to journal a crapton on my LS forum and lodestone, but moved it all over to Wordpress before 2.0 launched for safe keeping. It's just easier for me.


People use forums, lodestone, tumblr, wordpress, all sorts! I mostly enjoy reading those of people I know.

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I have the inclination to make a blog IC'ly, but it has a variety of mental challenges. Namely, which is the best idea, how to make a compelling one, what would be useful for distribution, and whether it would be anything anyone cares about.


My headcanon is my richest RP experience, which is both sad and also a fount of content. But what's the point if people don't care *now*?

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