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Caw Caw is Ravenscrye for hello! <3

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Well hello there!


This is more of a reintroduction. I am actually a returning player, last time I was here I was still in the closet, some of you might have known me as War Bear or War Siren or Gwendolyn Belmont. 


So let me reintroduce myself for the first time!


Hi I'm Dinah, I'm a 30 something artist, gamer, comic enthusiast, Anime fan, table top gamer, and all around fan girl. 


Things to know about me,

  • I am a transgender woman in the early stages of transitioning (so for now yes I still have man voice while I find my voice.. deal with it. -puts on Sunglasses-)


  • I am an artist working on many projects albeit sloooooowly so very very slowly (I blame work and video game addiction... and Pizza.)

  • I am a total DC comics Fan Girl ( I love all comics but DC characters are my favorite.)

  • I am a die hard Dragon Age Fan Girl as well. (Even loved the hell out of DA2 don't care loved it.) 

  • I am a long time Roleplayer both MMO and tabletop, that doesn't mean I still don't have a lot to learn. We all do every community is different.

  • I am not always the best speller, I will make mistakes, I will try to catch them and correct them.

  • I am not a lore elitist although I do usually get obsessed with finding out as much as I can! That said if someone has a wonderfully thought out story to tell that slightly bends the lore, I'll gladly play it out with you.


So that's me, I hope those of you I'm not already smashing friends with that we can also become good friends. I am approachable and reachable for any inquiries. Can't wait to RP with you all!

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