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Grindstone Logo! Entry Closed!

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Hello! I'm Warren Castille. You might remember me from other threads such as "Let's complain about first world problems" and "Mundane and You: Reasons we're not that special statistically speaking." Unbeknownst to many of the people here, I'm also one of the driving forces behind an event called The Grindstone. It's one of the many combat events that exists on this server and we've been extremely fortunate to be buoyed and supported by the wonderful community here on Balmung. As we get ready to celebrate our fourth fight auction SPECTACULAR semi-annual event, I must admit there's something that feels... missing.


We need a cool logo. Specifically, I want a cool logo. More specifically, I want a cool logo that I can slap onto some shirts and give away to friends and people who've been a part of the community. That's where I'm hoping the artists here will come in and be interested.



An official contest to create a logo/design for the Grindstone, to be used on t-shirts and maybe pins or buttons or tattoos. Items will not be sold for profit, and you will keep the rights to your design.



Post a cool design in this thread?



I'm hoping to have some shirts printed up and on me to hand out to people going to Fanfest in mid-October. For the sake of having things printed and on-hand without panicking about missing the window, deadline for entry will be August 13, 2016.



I realize "a logo" is kind of... vague. Extremely vague, actually. I don't have a specific idea in my head otherwise I would have just outright commissioned one without doing a stupid contest, but I am not artistically creative!


It could be something in-theme with the logos and icons in the game already, similar to the quest icon meteor or the job icons. It could be something abstract and sort of alluding to the event. It could be anything in between! As long as it'll look cool on a shirt or a tattoo you're free to design whatever you want. A stylized, actual-outline of an honest-to-God-grindstone? Do what you like, you literal-minded artist, you!



I obviously wouldn't expect anyone to be doing this sort of thing for free. Whichever design is the best and most appropriate will earn their designer some monies in the amount of $75.00 USD. Again, I will not be selling or otherwise taking advantage of the design, nor do I want the rights to it. I also don't want anyone to put in dozens of hours of work for my silly contest, because I don't think that's a fair prize for that amount of work. Please don't submit and stunning painted vistas! You'll make my wallet cry.



Really, I intend on giving out money to anyone who puts together a cool or badass design. These are subjective words, I know, but I also don't want anyone to feel like I'm taking advantage of the community by asking for submissions while only rewarding one of them. If there's only a few (or none, I am aware this is a possibility!) I might split the reward amongst them, if there's a ton I might need to save harder to give people their fair share.


Questions? Comments? Just want to point out how unfair this is? I'm eager to hear feedback in this thread, and also hoping folks wouldn't mind putting together something for us.


/me braces himself.


7/21 Update!


Surprise! Because cash money isn't enough of a reward, the RPC's very own Syrie has decided to also contribute to not just the winner, but also the runner up!


The winning selection will receive one custom painting of their character in this style: http://i.imgur.com/yIfZAX8.jpg


And the runner up will receive a sketch in the style of this: http://i.imgur.com/kxk9LOM.jpg

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Three weeks, give or take, until this contest comes to a close!


I'm also super happy to announce that Syrie has offered to do some custom commission work for the winner and runner up! I've updated the original post to reflect this.


Thanks Syrie, and thanks to everyone who has submitted an entry so far!

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I was told I could submit two, because I couldn't decide. ;_; Also I included examples of t-shirt ideas, because really you can make these logos whatever colors you want!








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SO. It's been almost a week since entry closed, but I've been a bad who hasn't updated his thread since then. I've been having computer issues and haven't contacted all of the people I intended to for opinions on a winner, but please be assured we ARE coming to a decision!


I expect to have a winner declared (at least one!) in less than a week. I haven't forgotten, and thank you for your patience! Stay tuned!

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I didn't mean to put off announcing winner(s) as long as I have but I ran into some computer problems and stuff and excuses etcetera. BUT NOW THE WAIT IS OVER!


After discussing the entries over at length with friends in-game and out, associated with the Grindstone and not, I've finally come to some sort of completely arbitrary ranking. Winners are encouraged to shoot me a PM with their paypal address. Or an Amazon registry. Or just tell me how to cover you in filthy lucre. If I don't hear back, I'll be hunting you down soon.



Congratulations Arrelaine! An early entry and one that I felt really did summarize the event as an event.





Ruran's logo stands out as a very logo-y logo. It captures the feel of athletic apparel and really does look excellent on a shirt, as demonstrated.






Hnngh. Hnnngh.



You guys and gals don't know how difficult you made this for me. Thank you all for participating, and hey, if anyone reading this is going to be at Fanfest in Vegas, lemme know your shirt size.

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